LARP Oriental Swords

We carry several styles and types of LARP oriental swords. Our LARP oriental swords include katanas, tantos, wakizashis and naginata from top manufacturers around the world. Our LARP Naginata is 63 inches long! These LARP oriental weapons and swords come most from the Elven collection as well as the imperial collection. Our LARP oriental swords are beautiful and will last on average 1 to 2 years of use without mistreatment. These are great if you have a Japanese or oriental base character that you are dress up to be.
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Aether LARP Dao

Item # MCI-3479
The Aether LARP Dao is a latex foam weapon perfect for fantasy LARP characters who attack with magic and want a blade to match. This latex foam hybrid LARP sword is based on a traditional Chinese sword design given a fantasy twist.

Aether LARP Jian - Purple

Item # MCI-3478
Inspired by the swords of ancient China, the Aether LARP Jian in Purple has a long, straight blade that does not taper until its point. This latex foam blade has a rippled purple coloration that can represent lightning or magic.

Alluvium LARP Jian - Blue

Item # MCI-3477
The Alluvium LARP Jian in Blue has a long, narrow blade with dark ripples across its surface to represent the powers of the deep. This water-themed fantasy LARP sword draws structural inspiration from traditional Chinese weaponry.

Assassin LARP Katana

Item # NP-G-BL104
With a matte black finish, this Assassin LARP Katana is an excellent choice for stealth missions and midnight maneuvers. This latex sword displays the curved blade and circular guard of the katana, favored by samurai and ninjas.

Black Foam Samurai Katana

Item # NP-G-BL012
Harkening back to the age of samurai, the Red Foam Samurai Katana is inspired by traditional Japanese blades. Made out of safe, dense foam, this prop weapon features a black color creating a wrapped look along its black hilt.

Bushido LARP Katana

Item # WRBL15
An exceptional weapon both for its eye catching appearance and swift, strong strikes, the Bushido LARP Katana is the perfect weapon for you to embody the role of a legendary samurai warrior throughout your next LARP battle.

Foam Sai Set

Item # NP-G-BL021
Inspired by the blocking, parrying, and jabbing weapons that originated in ancient Asia, the Foam Sai Set includes two steel colored sai in the traditional style, now made safe for costume and play through their foam construction.

Fruit Ninja Black LARP Katana

Item # NP-G-NF1
Perfect your fruit slicing technique with this Fruit Ninja Black LARP Katana. Officially licensed by the mobile game Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick, this fantasy foam sword also makes a splendid addition to any Japanese cosplay ensemble.

Green Foam Samurai Katana

Item # NP-G-BL013
Wield a weapon with historic flair as well as safety when you add the Green Foam Samurai Katana to your costume or cosplay. This prop weapon has the look of an ancient Japanese samurai sword made safe by its foam construction.

Japanese Ninja LARP Sword

Item # NP-G-BL020
Displaying a chisel point, square guard, and a straight blade, the Japanese Ninja LARP Sword is a longer version of the ninjato, a short sword said to have been the preferred weapon of the secretive and covert Shinobi of feudal Japan.

Musashi Wakizashi II LARP Sword

Item # CL-191
One of the iconic weapons of Japan, the wakizashi makes a fantastic secondary weapon, perfect for pairing with the matching katana (CL-192). The Musashi Wakizashi II LARP Sword makes a great historical blade to wield.

Ninja LARP Bastard Sword

Item # CL-217
The ornate katana of the samurais would not have been appropriate for a ninja, as their jobs usually required them to be concealed as much as possible. The Ninja LARP Bastard Sword is ideal for attacking when it is least expected.