Men's Pirate Coats & Vests

Dress yourself like a successful pirate with one of these fine mens pirate coats and pirate vests! Medieval Collectibles offers a wide array of buccaneer coats, pirate captain coats, and long period pirate vests to spruce up any pirate ensemble. Our red velvet pirate coats and bold black pirate coats hint at your vast treasure hoard with their fine quality and elegant details. Our striped pirate jackets, brocade pirate coats, and leather pirate coats provide more striking options for when you brave the open sea. Some of our items are inspired by historical pirates like Blackbeard and Henry Morgan, so you can add authentic flair to your outfit with an infamous pirate vest or privateer coat. Available in several colors and sizes, these mens swashbuckler coats and sailor vests make a great final touch to your pirate apparel!
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Admiral Norrington Coat

Item # DC1370
An admiral is a person of authority, on sea as well as on land. His fashion should complement the power and responsibility of his position. The Admiral Norrington Coat has been designed to ensure a commanding presence.

Admiral Norrington Vest

Item # DC1371
A historical admirals outfit is incomplete without his naval officers coat and vest. The Admiral Norrington Vest serves as an essential piece of an admirals wardrobe and has been designed to ensure a commanding presence aboard ship.

Black Admiral Norrington Coat

Item # DC1466
Take command of the fleet when you wear the Black Admiral Norrington Coat. This stylish pirate jacket features a black cotton construction that is lined inside with smooth poly satin fabric and decorated with bold, golden lace detail.

Blackbeard Pirate Coat

Item # DC1001
A ship captain is a man of distinction and must dress in a way that conveys this. The Blackbeard Pirate Coat is a fine garment, well-suited the look of a ship captain and iconic in the way that it demonstrates a solid pirate style.

Blackbeards Coat

Item # 101617
No swashbuckling pirate costume can be complete with the requisite buccaneer coat to give the look appropriate flair. The Blackbeards Coat falls past the hips in an open design with wide cuffs and a tall, fold-over collar.

Buccaneer Coat

Item # 100780
This heavy woolen coat is one of the best we have ever produced. The long period cut, the large bell cuffs, and the richly antiqued buttons all add up to make this coat one stunning piece of must-have pirate garb.

Buccaneer Coat

Item # DC1414
Buccaneers were pirates who attacked Spanish colonies and ships in the Caribbean and Americas during the 17th century. Featuring a slimmer profile than some of the billowing greatcoats, this Buccaneer Coat is fitted and fashionable.

Calico Jack Coat

Item # DC1408
Calico Jack is remembered for his Jolly Roger flag - a skull with crossed swords, and for having two female crew members - Mary Read and Anne Bonny. You will be remembered for your gallant style when you wear this Calico Jack Coat.

Captain Anstis Coat

Item # DC1423
Captain Thomas Anstis raided the American colonies and the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. The aubergine color and lush velvet of this Captain Anstis Coat make a brilliant pirate outfit piece. Wear it on your next voyage.

Captain Anstis Vest

Item # DC1424
A pirate captain is king or queen of their ship, just as men and women are kings and queens of their own homes. Add a touch of royal purple to your Privateer, Renaissance, or Medieval outfit by wearing this Captain Anstis Vest.

Captain Booth Coat

Item # DC1410
Captain George Booth was an English pirate who was one of the earliest to sail around the Cape of Good Hope and plunder ships in the Indian Ocean. You will look the portrait of an adventurous privateer in this Captain Booth coat.

Captain Bridge Coat

Item # DC1425
Though pirates typically wore clothes that were purely functional on ship or let them blend in when they were on shore, pirate captains who wanted to stand out wore clothes that displayed their wealth, such as this Captain Bridge Coat.