Even if the weather is bad, that is no reason to forgo your favorite fantasy, gothic, and medieval styles! Many of our umbrellas feature the work of famous fantasy artists on their canopies, so you will find dragon, unicorn, and fairy art umbrellas here. We offer telescopic fantasy and gothic umbrellas that will fit inside bags and purses when not in use, as well as carved handled umbrellas and even a sword hilted umbrella! Also shop here for steampunk and gothic umbrellas and lace parasols that will add an extra touch of finery to your look. Whether you are looking to keep sun or rain away from your person, be sure to check out our selection of fantasy umbrellas here. And keep checking back, as we will add more products to this category as they become available.
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Birth of a Star Fairy Umbrella

Item # 060-2762
At home in the night sky, this gorgeous fairy sits on the crescent moon and reaches out as though to touch the brightest star in the sky. Represent your love for fairies even on rainy days with the Birth of a Star Fairy Umbrella.

Black and Red Lace Parasol

Item # FM-64601
The Black and Red Lace Parasol is an interesting amalgam that combines a parasol from history with a dark and decadent gothic style, leading to the creation of a delicate accessory that is perfect for accenting a true gothic style.

Steampunk Lace Parasol

Item # PH-1194
Some umbrellas are more for style than protection from the rain. They keep the sun off you, and they look incredible doing it! Take the Steampunk Lace Parasol, for example. With its Victorian aesthetic, you will look great!

Whitby Wyrm Dragon Umbrella

Item # 060-2763
The image that you will see on the top of our Whitby Wyrm Dragon Umbrella is that of Alchemy Gothic's Whitby Wyrm. It depicts a spiked, red European dragon flying over the rooftops of a town while a castle burns in the distance.

White Lace Parasol

Item # FM-64520
In the eras of antiquity, women carried parasols around to shield themselves from the sun, both to keep cool and to avoid damaging their delicate appearance. This White Lace Parasol is similar to what they would have carried.