Kings Crowns

The medieval crowns are fit for a King! Our King's Crowns demand loyalty and respect. Medieval Collectibles has king crowns that are gold plated, encrusted with sparkling jewels and are detailed with fleur de lis symbols. Our Men's Crowns are in stock and ready to ship to His Royal Highness. Medieval crowns are great for stage props, theaters, and plays. Need to crown a king in your kingdom or the winner in a contest, then these medieval crowns will do the trick. Every man can feel like the king he is with one of these classy, rich-looking crowns.
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Gold and Purple Kings Crown

Item # ST3787
Combining the most royal colors of all, the Gold and Purple Kings Crown is an utterly regal display of majesty and power. Transform yourself in to a medieval, fantasy, or Renaissance king with this jeweled, velvet texture mens crown.

Golden Laurel Roman Wreath

Item # RC-49292
To the victor go the spoils. In the case of Greek and Roman costumes, to the victor goes a laurel. This Golden Laurel Roman Wreath recreates a historical accessory that in the olden days was used to crown a victor and mark their success.

Jeweled Red Velvet Kings Crown

Item # ST3196
Create a bold and regal look with the Jeweled Red Velvet Kings Crown. This mens royal crown has a velvet-texture body accented with your choice of gold or silver tone hardware. Colorful gems are interspersed along its bottom edge.

Kids Jack Sparrow Hat

Item # LU-200401
For aspiring swashbucklers, it is just as important to look the part as it is to have the cutthroat ferocity of a real pirate. Wearing the Kids Jack Sparrow Hat, your child will be ready to take on any high seas adventure in style.

Kids Regal Pirate Hat

Item # LU-200140
If your young pirate captain demands to wear only the finest of pirate gear, the Kids Regal Pirate Hat is the perfect addition to their swashbuckling ensemble. This bicorn costume hat features a velvety texture and bright gold trim.

Kids Rugged Pirate Hat

Item # LU-200150
If your child often dreams of high seas adventuring, the Kids Rugged Pirate Hat will help transform them into a proper pirate captain. This faux suede costume hat features weathered edges and a skull and crossbones patch on its side.

Kings Crown

Item # 13082
The kings crown is 2.75 inches high and the band is adjustable from 6.75-8.5 inches to fit anyones head. The medieval crown is crafted from metal and available in your choice of silver or gold with jewelry encircling the crown.

Kings Crown

Item # 13333
The kings crown is 4.25 inches high and the band is adjustable from 7-8 inches to fit anyones head. The medieval crown is crafted from metal and available in your choice of silver or gold with jewelry encircling the crown.

Kings Crown with Faux Fur

Item # 15598
What are some features that make a crown really stand out? Gold and silver, adorned with precious jewels, can go a long way, but this crown has something that most do not - fur, found on the rim of this Kings Crown with Faux Fur.

Mens Classic Fleur Crown

Item # ST4255
The Mens Classic Fleur Crown is just that - classically styled to suit almost any rulers taste. The crown is made from quality metal and finished with gold plating, while showing off an iconic symbol of royal power and authority.

Mens Crystal Gold Fleur Crown

Item # 16366XG
A simple gold crown with a touch of regal style and class, the Mens Crystal Gold Fleur Crown is a wonderful addition to medieval, renaissance, and contemporary wardrobes. This crown suits those who favor a subtler majestic style.

Mens Fantasy King Crown

Item # ST4254
A crown must strike a balance between powerful and subdued to symbolize the kings position and rank as well as his duty to the people. This Mens Fantasy King Crown does just that, featuring a detailed look fit for nobility.