LARP Hammers

We have the biggest selection of LARP hammers available on the internet. We have double sided hammers, single sided hammer, pick hammers, mercenary hammers and medieval hammers. With our double sides LARP hammers you can swing in any direction to strike your opponent. Smash through your enemies armour or pick your opponents apart with these quality and durable LARP hammers. Our LARP pick hammers feature a hammer on one side and a long large spike on the other. Our LARP hammers are perfect for LARP events, LRP, re-enactments, practice or plays.
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Black Calfera Two-Handed LARP Hammer

Item # CL-283
Invoke the ferocity of a dragon when you wield the Black Calfera Two-Handed LARP Hammer in battle. Twin dragon heads form the double-sided head of this fantasy LARP warhammer. This ultra-sturdy LARP weapon is made of latex-free foam.

Dark Guardian Warhammer

Item # MCI-2053
Rescue your allies from a legion of foes with the Dark Guardian Warhammer. Whether the battle requires close combat, or a high-impact attack while on horseback, this LARP weapon proves useful for bludgeoning through the enemy line.

Dorgen LARP War Hammer

Item # CL-222
Very few weapons give the same bone chilling effect that a powerful war hammer does. The Dorgen LARP War Hammer is the perfect pole weapon for brutish, rough natured characters such as trolls, barbarians, monsters, and dwarves.

HK Tom Hammer

Item # MY100378
You can never doubt the usefulness of a hammer, and the HK Tom Hammer makes a great basic addition to any LARP weapon arsenal. Despite its unadorned simplicity, this foam hammer is quite versatile and sure to become a trusted staple.

Jack the Sledge Hammer

Item # CL-86
When it comes to putting zombies down for the count, nothing works as well as Jack the Sledge Hammer. In fact, this impressive LARP weapon serves well in putting any of your enemies down for the count in any great LARP events!

LARP Dwarven Greathammer

Item # MCI-3462
Fit for a dwarven king of a vast mountain realm or any LARP warrior who wishes to strike with heavy, devastating blows, the LARP Dwarven Greathammer is an impressive fantasy LARP weapon made highly safe for live action combat.

LARP Hammer of Sol

Item # CL-257
Become your guardian when you wield the LARP Hammer of Sol. Inspired by the weapon wielded by the powerful titan class from Destiny, this LARP weapon mimics the majesty of a regal bird of prey with its LARP-safe, foam form.

LARP Hand Mallet

Item # MCI-2846
Sometimes you just need to smash something. When those times hit during a LARP battle, we offer to you the LARP Hand Mallet, which takes the wood mallet and shrinks it down so you have a pint-sized pounder to carry in your battles!

LARP Sledge Hammer

Item # NP-G-BL119
Break down your enemies or the walls that separate you with our LARP Sledge Hammer. Crafted from latex-free foam with a fiberglass fusion core, this sledge hammer is a durable and lightweight option for overcoming any obstacle.

LARP Sledge Hammer - Dark Moon Collection

Item # MCI-2867
The Dark Moon Sledge Hammer is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong coating of latex. The Sledge Hammer is perfect for futuristic LARPs and makes a great character accessory or prop.

LARP Stone Hammer

Item # MCI-3199
The LARP Stone Hammer is a live action roleplay weapon to be reckoned with. Sculpted and hand painted to look just like a heavy stone encased in dark metal, this elongated warhammer is ideal for crushing enemies, even at a long range.

LARP Sun Hammer

Item # MCI-3457
Strike with the might of the sun when you deal out devastating blows with the LARP Sun Hammer. Made of durable, shred resistant foam, this medieval fantasy LARP weapon features a sun insignia on the sides of the hammer head.