Medieval Daggers

Medieval daggers are the perfect companion to the medieval sword. We have great traditional styled Medieval daggers from the Black Prince Dagger to the King's Ring dagger. Medieval daggers are a double edged small pointed knife used by Middle Age soldiers for personal protection during warfare. When they cannot access their other big weapons like swords and spears, medieval daggers were there. Medieval daggers are very sharp and can penetrate shields and armour.
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12th Century Crusader Dagger

Item # SB3962
The 12th century included the Second and Third Crusades into the Holy Land, including some noteworthy battles involving Saladin. The 12th Century Crusader Dagger depicts one of the typical secondary weapons of that period.

12th Century Medieval Dagger

Item # IP-103-2
Our 12th Century Medieval dagger features a hardwood handle wrapped in leather. The crossguard and pommel are solid steel, polished and fitted onto a full tang that is peened at top of the pommel for strength and durability.

13th Century Steel Dagger

Item # MH-W0600
Equip something you can rely on as a secondary weapon and youll be more prepared for whatever comes your way. Our 13th Century Steel Dagger is lightweight and durable and makes an ideal companion sword for your armor and swordplay.

14th Century Baselard Dagger

Item # ZS-DH-8009
Close combat techniques have evolved throughout the centuries and so have the weapons that assist a skilled warrior. The 14th Century Baselard Dagger presents a design that is just as effective today as it was in the Middle Ages.
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14th Century Dagger

Item # SB3963
Daggers serve as secondary or tertiary weapons, differing from knives with their expert ability to stab and thrust. The 14th Century Dagger makes a stylish example of a functional, historical dagger.

15th Century Rondel Dagger

Item # AH-PRD101
This dagger draws its name from its shape. The 15th Century Rondel Dagger is based on a historical piece that echoes the popular daggers of the fifteenth century, especially those that were favored secondary weapons and misericords.

Agincourt Dagger with Scabbard

Item # SG2521V
The striking Agincourt Dagger with Scabbard is named in honor of the famous victory of King Henry V at Agincourt. The Agincourt dagger is the perfect companion weapon for the Agincourt Sword.

Angelic Medieval Dagger with Sheath

Item # NP-H-5924
The dramatic imagery of our Angelic Medieval Dagger with Sheath matches the ornate features often associated with a church. This unsharpened 440 stainless steel blade features a short ricasso. The guard features a shield at the center.

Antique Gold Decorative Crusader Dagger

Item # NP-H-5928
Inspired by Crusading knights and tales of chivalry, the Antique Gold Decorative Crusader Dagger is a beautifully stylized take on medieval weaponry. Antique golden tones finish its steel pommel, guard, and matching sheath detail.

Antiqued Templar Dagger

Item # NP-H-5937
As you go off to fight in the Holy Wars, please do not forget a few things. Say farewell to your family, pack some extra underwear, and belt on your Antiqued Templar Dagger. If you bring anything, make sure to bring this dagger!

Archers Dagger

Item # AH-6960
On the medieval battlefield, a commander tried to keep their archers away from the front lines. The best of plans can go awry, though, and many archers carried at least a dagger, like this Archers Dagger, to use for defense in melee.

Arming Dagger

Item # SG2523
Gladius Medieval style daggers like this Arming Dagger have 440C stainless steel blades that are fully tempered, but they are primarily intended for use as collectibles and decorative pieces with their eye-catching details.