Women's Gothic Footwear

Fierce, sassy, and bold, our womens gothic footwear at Medieval Collectibles comes in a wide array of dramatic designs that are sure to draw eyes. On the sultry side, we carry gothic platform heels, gothic booties, gothic pumps, gothic Mary Janes, and gothic stilettos that are perfect for a night out on the town. On the no-nonsense side, we offer womens combat boots, blood spatter heels, witch shoes, and spiked high heels that will give you an air of independence mixed with dark fashion. Our gothic stiletto boots come as ankle high boots, calf high boots, knee high boots, and thigh high boots to give you plenty of options. Decorated with lace, skulls, studs, chains, and other details, these high quality gothic shoes will make you look as though you just stepped off a catwalk. Our ladies gothic footwear is a great option for daily wear, conventions, Halloween costumes, and any other moment when your outfit needs some gothic flair.

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Anarchy Knee High Boots

Item # FW1069
You might feel the urge to fight the dominance of the patriarchy when you wear these boots. The black, faux-leather Anarchy Knee High Boots boast a 4.5 inch heel and several silver buckle accents along their length.

Aria Strappy Ankle Heels

Item # FW3115
Step out in superb snakeskin style with the Aria Strappy Ankle Heels. These synthetic leather heels feature a snakeskin textured body with an open toe, three buckled ankle straps, and a funky prehistoric claw detail up the heel.

Arma Heavy Metal Biker Boots

Item # FW3099
These boots look tame from the front, but show their wild side in the back! The Arma Heavy Metal Biker Boots feature a 5-inch metallic claw heel. These fierce boots are available in three colors to go with Gothic or modern outfits.

Azure Embroidery Platform Heels

Item # FW3117
Gorgeously detailed with intricate metallic embroidery, the Azure Embroidery Platform Heels are truly dazzling. These bold shoes pair their elegant pattern with an edgy metal heel for a fashion goth look that is absolutely glam.

Bewitching Black Pumps

Item # FW1051
How do you spot a witch? You usually look for pointy shoes. Although once you catch sight of these Bewitching Black Pumps, a bit of witchy style will hardly seem like a bad thing. In fact, these shoes make it seem like a very good thing.

Black Knee High Stiletto Boots

Item # FW2097
Give your confidence and height a boost with the help of these amazing womens boots! The Black Knee High Stiletto Boots feature a 4.25-inch heel and lace up the front through hook and eye fastenings for a stunning look.

Black Magic Witch Shoes

Item # FW2053
Our Black Magic Witch Shoes are straight out of the story book! These ladies Gothic shoes feature a sculpted heel, a pointed toe, and are finished off with a brass spiderweb buckle for the classic Witch look.

Black Widow Gothic Boots

Item # FW2020
The Black Widow Gothic Boots feature a chunky platform heel. Sheer black lace over a solid red inset on each side is accented with corset-style ribbon lacing. These platform boots are perfect for stepping out on the town.

Bolt Gothic Heels

Item # FW3082
The Gothic outfits that you wear out on the town need a pair of sassy heels to make them complete. These Bolt Gothic Heels are easy to match while their unique and eye catching features allow them to stand out all on their own.

Bond Gothic Heels

Item # FW3083
How many pairs of shoes do you have that give you two great looks in one? With a detachable chain and ankle piece, the Bond Gothic Heels go from your classic studded heels to a sultry strappy version in just the blink of an eye.

Buckled Gothic Mary Jane Heels

Item # FW2170
Mary Jane shoes are a staple of womens style, but there is nothing plain about these Janes! These Buckled Gothic Mary Jane Heels add a unique twist for those ladies who like to challenge the status quo and stand out from the crowd.

Buckled Knee High Boots

Item # FW1072
Make sure everyone knows the party has arrived when you walk in the room in these boots. The Buckled Knee High Boots shows off several buckled straps along its length, displaying grommet accents and squared off buckles.