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Women's Waist Cinchers

Our fashion waist cinchers are fit for a peasant, enchantress, or queen! Many of the period waist cinchers at Medieval Collectibles are made from high quality leather, while other display intricate lace overlays and damask fabric. Our leather waist cinchers are perfect for any Medieval event or Renaissance fair, while our lace waspies look great with Victorian dresses and formal apparel. These short corsets offer some of the same benefits of historical womens shapewear by accentuating your trim waistline. These historical waist cinchers can be worn over chemises, period shirts, or Renaissance dresses. Our womens waist cinchers are available in many colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect style for your ensemble. Some of these waspie belts lace up the sides, while other fasten in the back or front. Great accessories for medieval, Renaissance, and modern fashions, these period waist cinchers are sure to be a great addition to you wardrobe.
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Ladies Studded Waist Cincher

Item # DK7018
Define your waist in a unique way when you wear the Ladies Studded Waist Cincher. This handcrafted leather waist cincher adds shape to medieval and fantasy looks alike. Choose from a variety of color options to match your style.

Ladys Leather Waist Cincher

Item # DK7000
Our Ladys Waist Cincher is made of top quality 7/8 oz. leather and available in many colors. This cincher laces up in the front and back for easy adjusting. An accessory for any style, this is sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Late Medieval Waist Cincher

Item # BG-1081
During the late Middle Ages, the corset was beginning to come into being, although in very rudimentary forms. The Medieval Waist Cincher captures one frame of this garments evolution and allows you to add it to your Renaissance wardrobe.

Leather Waist Cincher

Item # SS-LWC
This Leather Waist Cincher is a stylish accessory and foundation wear. This accessory is handmade from 8 oz. leather, and it is made to last a lifetime of use. It laces up the front, back, and sides to ensure an ideal, custom fit.

Leonardo Waist Cincher

Item # DR-1270
Leonardo da Vinci left behind numerous drawings of human anatomy at his demise, including studies of the human skeleton and its parts. The appearance of the Leonardo Waist Cincher is inspired by those anatomical drawings.

Maren Leather Waist Cincher

Item # MY100116
This excellent ladies waist cincher makes a fantastic addition to any medieval ensemble with its quality materials and craftsmanship. The Maren Leather Waist Cincheris made from tough yet smooth vegetable-tanned leather uppers.

Side Lacing Leather Waist Cincher

Item # DK7001
Our Side Lacing Waist Cincher is made of 7/8 oz. leather and available in many colors. This cincher laces up in the front and back for easy adjusting. An accessory for any style, this is sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Steampunk Brown Cotton Waist Cincher

Item # DR-1031
When you want to emphasize your waistline without wearing a full corset, you can find a great compromise with a waist cincher. The Steampunk Brown Cotton Waist Cincher is shorter than other corsets, which makes it easier to tighten.

Laced Leather Corset Belt

Item # RT-233
You seek a piece of LARP attire to secure the waist. You enjoy the look of a corset, but desire no impediment in movement. Look no further, the Laced Leather Corset Belt will reinforce style without slowing the warrior down.

Celtic Isolde Leather Bodice

Item # MY100412
Command both respect and style on the LARP battlefield with the Celtic Isolde Leather Bodice. This gorgeous piece of armour not only accentuates your waist, but also raises your defense during light combat and training.

Dark Elf Corset

Item # MCI-3000
Race through the woods with your bow in hand and protect your realm while wearing the Dark Elf Corset. This functional garment can complete any Elven costume and add a touch of realism to your cosplay experience.