Elven & Nature Inspired Hair Accessories

Add a touch of nature to everyday or special occasion looks with our selection of elven and nature inspired hair accessories. Go bold with leaf barrettes and other ornate hair pieces decorated with artistic leaves of the forest, or effortlessly add a touch of magic to your look with a mixed metal leaf ponytail holder or an elven headband. Shop elven hair accessories here as well as forest inspired hair accents that will transform any look into that worthy of the queen of the forest, many accented with fine metal and artistic designs.
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Autumn Leaves Stick Barrette

Item # AJ-0399
Do you love to admire the changing colors of the leaves in the fall months? If so, then you will delight to see this artisan hair accessory! The Autumn Leaves Stick Barrette affixes to your hair easily with a slender hair stick.

Daffodil Stick Barrette

Item # AJ-0396
What flower better encapsulates the promise of spring better than the daffodil! With a design inspired by this beautiful blossom, the Daffodil Stick Barrette affixes easily to your hair with a slender hair stick.
$36.00 $32.40

Elven Leaf Comb

Item # 12193
This fairy comb is made of rhinestones and pearls with a flower and leaf design. The Elven Leaf Comb is metal plated in sterling silver and has a comb in the back. The Elven Leaf Comb measures 1.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.

Fall Leaves Stick Barrette

Item # AJ-0400
The colors of the changing leaves during the autumn months serve as one of the loveliest sights of any season. The Fall Leaves Stick Barrette captures just a hint of the seasonal glory with three large metal leaves on the band.

Flowing Leaf Comb

Item # ST4130
With its distinctive and natural style, this Flowing Leaf Comb makes a fantastic addition to any elven princess or lady attire, as well as a great accent that could be worn by any woman who loves that touch of natural beauty.

Mixed Metal Leaf Barrette

Item # AJ-0680
Adorn yourself with a unique take on natural style. The Mixed Metal Leaf Barrette is a handcrafted artisan hair accessory featuring a whimsically detailed brass and copper leaf design decorating its silvery, stainless steel surface.

Purple Iris Hair Pin

Item # SC7525
Add an element of flower garden charm to your hairstyles with the Purple Iris Hair Pin. Made of lead free pewter, its darkened leaves and stems curl around purple blossoms, forming a unique hair piece fit for an ethereal flower queen.

Rising Sun Stick Barrette

Item # AJ-0394
Greet the new day with the gleaming metal appearance of this artisan hair accessory. The Rising Sun Stick Barrette features a brilliant sun icon over the face, its slender stick allowing you to affix the piece to your hair.

Swirl Elven Headband

Item # 12082
The Swirl Elven Headband is 0.75 inches wide and is made of metal plated in sterling silver. Let this whimsical headband take you away to a different time when elves and fairies populated the land.