Elven & Nature Inspired Jewelry

Nature is all around us, and sometimes, some of the most beautiful and appealing designs imaginable are right there in front of us, represented as a tree, a flower, or even perhaps a leaf. The elves, in all their ageless wisdom, recognize this, and have passed on that knowledge to us in the form of our elven and nature inspired jewelry section. Elves were, traditionally in fiction and fairytale, fantastic craftsman whose every work often incorporated some aspect of nature. Even their weapons and armor bore symbols and shapes borrowed from nature, but none showed this as strongly as their jewel-craft. And our own elven jewelry recreates this classic style. Woven into every elven pendant and every pair of elven earrings are symbols of nature, some subtle and some obvious. Every piece of natural jewelry offered here is a stunning example of fantasy jewelry at its finest, and in spite of their seemingly elfish origins, they are so much more than just mere pieces of costume jewelry. The natural rings and natural earrings we offer are perfect for anyone to wear out as a part of their day-to-day fashion, showing of an elegant yet natural style. Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, and always stunning, you are sure to find something here in our elven and nature inspired jewelry section that grabs your attention and holds it.

Elven & Nature Inspired Bracelets & Anklets

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Bring the beauty of the wild into your unique look when you shop our selection of elven and nature inspired bracelets and anklets. Wear the beautiful leaves of the forest with our elven leaf bracelets, or add a wild-child accent to any look with a subtle elven anklet. We offer a wide selection of nature themed jewelry pieces, including leaf and nature wristbands for both men and women, cuff bracelets decorated with flowers, and all sorts of other elvish wristwear embellished with the beauty of the forest. Whether you are dressing as an elf or simply enjoy the beauty of the natural world, why not accent your next look with a phenomenal elf or nature inspired bracelet from this category?

Elven & Nature Inspired Earrings

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Wear the elegance of the forest when you shop our selection of elven and nature inspired earrings. We offer a wide range of forest-themed earrings, including gorgeous mixed metal leaf earrings and art nouveau flower earrings that will give both fantasy and everyday outfits an extra touch of earthy beauty. Check out oak leaf earrings, flower vine drop earrings, and even green man themed earrings here. Our earrings are made of a variety of high quality materials, including sterling silver and white bronze, and we offer elvish inspired earrings in many different styles, including French hook nature earrings and flower stud earrings.

Elven & Nature Inspired Necklaces

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Let the leaves of the forest make your next fashion statement when you wear our elven and nature inspired necklaces. In this category, find elegant fantasy jewelry pieces based on the beauty of flowers, leaves, and all things earthy. Shop maple and oak leaf necklaces, flower necklaces, and chokers accented with curling vines here. We offer a wide range of necklace styles and variations in different fine materials, such as pewter, white bronze, sterling silver, brass, and copper. Shop all our leaf themed necklaces here, perfect for accenting an elven ensemble or adding something unique to your everyday look.

Elven & Nature Inspired Pendants & Charms

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Filled with beauty, mystery, and power, the symbols of nature inform our selection of elven and nature inspired pendants and charms. Shop here for gorgeous mixed metal leaf pendants, green man charms, and more, all decorated with elements of nature and with just a hint of magical inspiration. We offer forest themed pendants that take the form of oak and maple leaves, as well as art nouveau flower blossom pendants. Still others represent the more mystical side of nature, including gemstone pendants and green man pendants, many made of materials like sterling silver and white bronze. Explore all the elven and nature inspired pendants and charms we have to offer here in this category.

Elven & Nature Inspired Rings

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Keep the mystery, beauty, and magic of the forest close at hand when you wear our elven and nature inspired rings. Whether decorated with flowers, vines, or leaves, you will find a varied selection of elvish rings here perfect for accenting any outfit, from fantasy to everyday and special occasion. Shop curling vine rings, gemstone floral rings, flower signet rings, oak leaf rings, and even green man rings in this category. Our rings are made of a variety of high quality materials, including sterling silver, white bronze, and fine mixed metals. Whether you are looking for a statement accent to show off with pride or a subtle way to reveal your love for nature, shop our elven and nature inspired rings category here.

Elven & Nature Inspired Hair Accessories

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Add a touch of nature to everyday or special occasion looks with our selection of elven and nature inspired hair accessories. Go bold with leaf barrettes and other ornate hair pieces decorated with artistic leaves of the forest, or effortlessly add a touch of magic to your look with a mixed metal leaf ponytail holder or an elven headband. Shop elven hair accessories here as well as forest inspired hair accents that will transform any look into that worthy of the queen of the forest, many accented with fine metal and artistic designs.