Functional Gauntlets

These wearable functional gauntlets are the perfect addition and some times a necessity for any Knight's armour. Functional gauntlets are designed to protect the lower part of the arm, hands and fingers of the sword fighter. All our gauntlets here are fully functional. We have a variety of options that you can choose from to design your gauntlets. You can choose the size, color, steel and gauge thickness of your functional gauntlets.

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14th Century Articulated Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0810
The 14th Century Articulated Gauntlets are great for protecting your hands while maintaining dexterity during light historic reenactment combat. These 16 gauge steel gauntlets resemble those seen throughout the 1300s and 1400s.

14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0922
The 14th Century Hourglass Gauntlets feature an hourglass-shaped cuff that helps protect the wrist and back of the hand. Several plates guard each of the fingers, which include leather rings to help keep them in place when worn.

15th Century Decorated German Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0800D
Steel gauntlets serve as an essential piece of medieval armour, protecting the fingers and hands of a warrior. The 15th Century Decorated German Gauntlets feature excellent style and functionality, covering fingertip to wrist.

15th Century German Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0800
Add some finesse to your historic battle style with the 15th Century German Gauntlets. Handcrafted from 18 gauge steel, the curving edges of each metal segment are an elegant yet subtle detail suitable for the noblest of knights.

15th Century German Style Gauntlets with Brass

Item # MH-A0800B
Any knight in his right mind uses steel gauntlets to protect his fingers from the blows of his opponent. The 15th Century German Style Gauntlets with Brass serve as a complex yet beautiful addition to any set of plate armour.

15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets

Item # MH-A0904
Offering excellent protection for historical re-enactments, the 15th Century Italian Style Gauntlets have great flexibility with the articulated wrist and fingers. A leather glove provides additional protection and comfort.

15th Century Mitten Gauntlet

Item # MH-A0808
The 15th Century Mitten Gauntlets are modeled on hand armour used during the second quarter of the 1400s and beyond. The steel gauntlets were often used by infantry who wanted to protect their hands when wielding pikes and halberds.

Articulated Gauntlets

Item # MCI-2588
The Articulated Gauntlets are so flexible that you can make a fist while wearing them! This characteristic enables swift movement and more agility in handling weaponry. They prove to be an essential for the noble medieval knight.

Articulated Steel Gauntlets

Item # AB3943
In many ways, a warriors hands are their lifeblood. They will live and die by how effective their hands wield weapons in battle. With these Articulated Steel Gauntlets, your hands will be well protected, so they can continue to protect you.

Balthasar Gauntlets

Item # MY100254
Extending up to the forearm, the Balthasar Gauntlets offer essential protection when it comes to LARP or other historical reenactments. Made of polished steel, these expertly crafted gauntlets are made of eight separate pieces.

Black Hourglass Gauntlets

Item # MCI-3177
Your squire slips the Black Hourglass Gauntlets over your hands, adjusting them to be comfortable and snug. Their effective and striking design allows them to withstand and deflect attacks that make it beyond your swords crossguard.

Black Ice Gauntlets

Item # MCI-2591
A good pair of gauntlets will do more than just keep your hands safe, even during the hectic chaos of battle. These Black Ice Gauntlets possess a distinctive fantasy style, as well as a level of protection that is difficult to beat.