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Condor Tool and Knife provides a selection of high quality, functional swords both modern in style and based on historical forms. This company traces its roots all the way back to the 1700s and is famous for its survival quality weapons and hunting tools. From tactical and traditional takes on Japanese katana, wakizashi, and Chinese dadao to high quality Roman gladius swords, Viking swords, pirate swords, and naval cutlasses, you will find all our Condor Tool and Knife swords here. If you are looking for a great functional blade made with real use in mind, try out our weapons from Condor Tool and Knife.
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Black Blade Naval Cutlass

Item # BK-CTK36024HC
Every sailor needs a sword to keep the crew and cargo safe, so make sure yours gets the job done and looks spectacular while doing it. With this Black Blade Naval Cutlass, you will own a sleek and functional weapon worthy of a captain.

Condor Dadao Sword

Item # BK-CTK35819HC
Typically, the Chinese sabre ends in a narrow point for stabbing and slashing. The Chinese broadsword, however, has a wider blade, making chopping a breeze. The Condor Dadao Sword beautifully replicates this ancient design.

Condor Ironside Viking Sword

Item # BK-CTK10144
Bjorn Ironside, the alleged son of legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, was one of the most famous Vikings and the founder of the Munso Dynasty. The Condor Ironside Viking Sword allows you to commemorate this formidable warrior.

Condor Mainz Gladius

Item # BK-CTK1001195HC
Roman Legions were renowned for the brutal fighting spirit of individual soldiers as well as the discipline and organization of the army units. The Condor Mainz Gladius is modeled after the weapon used by these lethal warriors.

Condor Tactana Sword

Item # BK-CTK500208HC
Combining the cutting power of a traditional katana with the convenience of a shorter sword, the Condor Tactana Sword gives you the best of both worlds. This tactical katana looks and functions like a dream for sword enthusiasts.

Kondoru Katana

Item # BK-CTK10152875HC
Katana were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords that were used by the samurai of ancient and feudal Japan. The Kondoru Katana offers a simple version of this classic weapon, a terrific piece any Samurai would be proud of.

Kondoru Tanto

Item # BK-CTK1011775HC
Featuring a full tang blade made of 1075 high carbon steel, the Kondoru Tanto is a terrific addition to any personal armory. This fixed blade knife is a beautiful interpretation of the classic Japanese sword worn by Samurai.

Kondoru Wakizashi

Item # BK-CTK10131675HC
When warriors of feudal Japan wore a wakizashi together with a katana, it was the official sign that the wearer was a Samurai. This Kondoru Wakizashi makes a simple and elegant addition to any collection of historic Japanese weapons.

Sinbad the Sailor Sword

Item # BK-CTK35722HC
A heroic sailor of Middle Eastern origin, Sinbad is a fictional character known for his fantastic voyages and magical journeys. Own a functional sword modeled after the weapon of this adventurer with this Sinbad the Sailor Sword!