Swords by Use

Its not uncommon to find that while you might have a need or desire for a sword, the design and make of the sword are two things that have been left undecided. If this is your dilemma, then perhaps you should browse our Swords by Use section. Here in this section, you will find virtually all of the swords we offer, divided up into categories that will help you locate the sword you seek to fulfill whatever need it is you have. If you need functional swords, you can find them here: some are sharp, some are blunted, all are battle-ready, and so long as you treat your sword properly, it will withstand the test of time and see you through battle after battle. And when then ravages of time do catch up to your functional sword, you can also find replacement blades here, as well. If you need training swords, we have a variety of wooden swords that are perfect for sparring and solo-training. For self-defense, nothing levels the playing field like a good sword cane, which we also carry here. And of course, if you are just looking for a beautiful display sword, we have dozens of decorative swords that are made for collection and display. In short, here in our Swords by Use section, you will find swords that fulfill virtually any use you could put a sword to, whether you are training, battling, sparring, acting, demonstrating, or even decorating.

Decorative Swords

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Here you will find a wide variety of decorative European style Medieval and Renaissance swords that are great for office and home decor. Our decorative swords category has every decorative sword located on our web site. These decorative swords are from all the manufactures from around the world like Denix, Armaduras, Art Gladius, Marto and Martespa. This makes it easy for the interior decorator or costume designer to decorate a home or dress for an event like a wedding or party. Swords in this category include Roman swords, Viking swords, Medieval swords, Scottish swords and knight swords. Decorative swords are mainly used as wall decor, displays, home or office decor, or for medieval costume. This makes them perfect as a home decoration and conversation pieces, as well as for the sword collector or enthusiast.

Functional Swords

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Here you will find a wide variety of functional European style Medieval and Renaissance swords that are battle ready. In the functional sword category you will find every functional sword located on our web site. All these functional swords are made by top manufacturers from around the world like Valiant Armoury, Windlass, Hanwei, and CAS Iberia. This makes it easy for the re-enactor, collector and performer to find the right functional sword they are looking for. Functional swords are made of high carbon steel and are made from the finest quality materials. These are the high quality swords designed to be used for combat, practice, re-enactments and stage use. These swords are historically accurate and are also great for sword collections. When not in use these functional swords are great for display in your home or office. We have swords from all different Cultures and Eras, Scottish and Celtic to Roman and Greek as well as classic Medieval, like Excalibur's and Agincourts. We have Pirate Cutlasses, Claymores and William Wallace Swords, Bastard Swords, Civil War Sabers, Two Handed Swords, Broadswords, Hand and a Half Swords, German Swords, Viking Swords, Roman Gladius Swords, Scimitars and more.

Training Swords

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Our wooden swords are high quality practice weapons perfect for martial arts training or medieval re-enactment. Preserve your real steel for a real fight, and learn new techniques with our wooden training swords and wasters. Made of high quality solid hardwood that can take the wear and tear of sparring, we offer wooden swords in a wide variety of styles, including bokken swords, wooden medieval longswords, kendo bamboo swords, wooden pirate swords, and even wooden daggers. Keep in mind, however, that wood can break along the grain so please practice responsibly. Also consider our wooden practice swords for situations that call for just the look of a real sword, such as cosplay events, theatrical moments, or other costume use.

Sword Replacement Blades

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Unsurprisingly, any sword that is subjected strenuous activity over any period of time will degrade in quality: depending on the care given to the sword and the activities the sword is being used in, it may take years for the sword to fail, or it may take as little as days if used improperly. Or sometimes, things beyond our control just go wrong and, for whatever reason, swords are seemingly damaged beyond repair. If you find that this is your situation a sword with a blade that has been irreparably damaged all is not lost: We offer a number of replacement sword blades that are just what your trusty sword needs to get back into the good fight. Whether the blade was damaged in training, in hard use, or just somehow damaged by accident, we have the sword replacement blades that will take that damaged sword and make it almost as good as new. Considering that sword replacement blades are often cheaper than simply buying a new, functional sword, the option of repairing a personal weapon that has served well for many years is vastly more appealing than buying a new sword. Many of our sword replacement blades are made specifically for one type of sword usually for one model of sword so before you think to replace any damaged blade, make sure to read the item description carefully to ensure that you are purchasing the replacement sword blade that fits your model of sword.