Our swords by Citadel include handcrafted katana, wakizashi, and tanto made to incredible standards of quality. These functional weapons feature traditional details and expert elegance, making them not just fine collectibles, but real weapons as well. Shop our range of Citadel functional katana and wakizashi for impressive and beautiful weaponry that harkens back to the ancient days of Japan. Many of these blades are made of high carbon steel that has been differentially hardened and polished by hand for an authentic look. All are made of high quality materials and crafted with painstaking attention to detail and precision. Shop all our Citadel swords, including some limited edition varieties, here.
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Bamboo Citadel Katana

Item # SC4003
Hand-crafted from exceptionally high quality materials, the Bamboo Citadel Katana is as beautiful as it is functional, and it features a spectacularly unique, limited edition design, of which only 100 models will ever be produced.

Imperial Citadel Katana

Item # SC4040
Forged for the Emperor himself, the Imperial Citadel Katana is a masterful work of art that only the noblest of samurai may carry, adorned in the golden courage of a warriors heart with the symbol of the royal family of Japan.

Imperial Tanto

Item # SC4044
Situated within the folds of his obi sash, the emperor displays his beloved knife, the Imperial Tanto. Adorned in gold and the royal insignia, this incredible piece displays his honor and authority in stunning detail and design.

Limited Edition Bamboo Wakizashi

Item # SC4015
The tsuba of the Limited Edition Bamboo Wakizashi is hand-cut and engraved from pure iron. The nanako, or stippled pattern, on the tsuba is accomplished by hand, quite a feat of patience with a stunning result.

Limited Edition Lotus Wakizashi

Item # SC4014
The Limited Edition Lotus Wakizashi fittings are hand-cut and shaped from pure iron, a tough material that takes a deep black patina. The Lotus design of the tsuba is in an older, simpler style that reflects the nature of the sword.

Limited Edition Ocean Wakizashi

Item # SC4004
This Limited Edition Ocean Wakizashi features an ocean theme with a nami, or wave, tsuba and turbulent water fuchi and kashira as decoration. The blade is hand forged and differentially hardened 1075 high carbon steel.

Lotus Citadel Katana

Item # SC4002
Masterfully crafted in a traditional styling, the Lotus Citadel Katana is a completely hand-made weapon which is designed to excel in cutting. This is a limited edition sword, of which only 100 will ever be produced.

Ocean Citadel Katana

Item # SC4001
A masterpiece of modern Japanese weaponry, the Ocean Citadel Katana is a limited edition, functional katana which is crafted from the finest materials with painstaking precision to ensure a supremely balanced and beautiful design.