Chainmail Coifs

Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer to you our selection of Chainmail Coifs. Chainmail Coifs protect your head, neck and the top of your shoulders. Our chainmail coifs come in Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Blackened Steel rings. Medieval Collectibles offers a variety of styles of chainmail coifs in Flatten rings, Butted rings and Riveted Mail rings. We have more chainmail coifs than anyone on the internet at affordable prices.

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Alaric Chainmail Hood

Item # MCI-3218
No knightly ensemble is complete without good head protection, and the Alaric Chainmail Hood is a fantastic option. This chainmail piece covers the head, neck, and much of the shoulders in linked steel rings for comprehensive coverage.


Item # AB2735
This aventail is fitted with a leather collar, to facilitate attachment to helmets. The aventail is butted round rings made of 16 gauge mild steel. The rings have a zinc plated finish and have an 8mm internal diameter.

Baron Grade Mail Aventail

Item # AB2665
Covering the throat, neck, and shoulders with chainmail, an aventail, or camail, connects to a helmet to protect vital areas of a warrior. The Baron Grade Chainmail Aventail features a leather band that attaches it to the helmet.

Baron Grade Mail Standard

Item # AB2445
Clergy in the medieval period wore a shoulder covering called a Bishops Mantle, a term which also came to be used for the piece of armor, the standard. The Baron Grade Mail Standard protects the upper chest and throat.

Black Alaric Chainmail Hood

Item # MCI-3219
Give your armoured look a touch of darkness with the Black Alaric Chainmail Hood. Made from a multitude of interlocking butted rings, the mild steel of this hood has been chemically colored for its unique, darkened appearance.

Blackened Chainmail Coif

Item # 300076
This intimidating butted armor is blackened for moisture resistance, reminiscent of the Black Prince, whose mail was darkened to a black hue. The diameter of each outer link is about 7/16 an inch, inner link diameter is about 3/8 an inch.

Brass Plated Chainmail Coif

Item # 300122
This coif features steel rings plated with brass for long lasting good looks. Our Brass plated coif can be worn by itself or with a helm. The outer link diameter is about 7/16 an inch and the inner link diameter is about 3/8 an inch.

Butted Chainmail Coif

Item # AB2547
No knight protecting the kingdom or going on Crusade is complete without proper head gear. Wear this Butted Chainmail Coif when going into battle. This 16 gauge steel coif is great for historical reenactments and Renaissance faires.

Butted Chainmail Coif

Item # HW-700601-L
When choosing how to protect your head, chainmail is a great choice, whether worn on its own over an arming cap or underneath a helm. For head protection at your next LARP or historical reenactment, choose the Butted Chainmail Coif.

Butted Chainmail Mantle with Dagged Edges

Item # HW-700605-L
If your outfit needs protection for the crucial area around the neck and shoulders, reach for the Butted Chainmail Mantle with Dagged Edges. This medieval chainmail armour is made of 16 gauge mild steel woven in a 4-in-1 pattern.

Butted Steel V Shaped Chainmail Coif

Item # AB2807
A magnificent addition to the LARP or reenactment gear of those who wish to achieve a medieval persona, the Butted Steel V Shaped Chainmail Coif offers an economical and authentic design which radiates the look of a medieval knight.

Chainmail Coif

Item # 300188
This coif features 16 gauge links in the international pattern, 4 links through a 5th, common to all European mail. Our steel chainmail coif can be worn with or without a helmet for added defense in your ensemble.