Zombie Themed LARP Weapons

We pride ourselves on providing the widest assortment of role-playing weaponry possible, including pieces to fend off zombie attacks. In our zombie LARP weapons category, you will be able to find conventional role-playing weapons like LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP knives, LARP staves, and LARP axes. What makes this category so special, though, are the pieces of LARP gear that feature distinctive post-apocalyptic flair, such as our Dark Moon collection. These modern LARP weapons include LARP bricks, LARP crowbars, LARP baseball bats, LARP wrenches, and other improvised weapons that might be used in an emergency. Our LARP cleavers, LARP sledgehammers, and LARP grenades will ensure that you can fight off even the hungriest zombie horde. These LARP weapons are crafted from heavy duty foam and fiberglass cores that are durable, safe, and weather-resistant. If you are looking for the perfect weapon to wield during your next simulated battle against the undead, make sure to check out these zombie role-playing weapons here.

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27 Inch Firefighter LARP Axe

Item # NP-G-BL105
Whether you are engaged in a zombie apocalypse LARP or portraying a neighborhood hero, this 27 Inch Firefighter LARP Axe is a fantastic choice. The classic red axe head sits on a blond curved handle with simulated woodgrain texture.

27 Inch Fireman LARP Axe

Item # NP-G-BL107
Whether you are portraying a local hero or fighting the shambling hordes, this 27 Inch Fireman LARP Axe is an excellent choice. The classic red axe head with pick spike sits on a blond curved handle with simulated woodgrain texture.

Barbed Wire LARP Baseball Bat

Item # NP-G-BL111
Perfect for a zombie horde campaign or a supervillain scenario, this Barbed Wire LARP Baseball Bat is an exceptional choice for any post apocalyptic shenanigans. The silver wire design shows brightly against the deep brown bat.

Big Bertha Wrench

Item # CL-78
The Big Bertha Wrench is a very realistic reproduction of a metal wrench, which is perfectly suited to our post-apocalyptic line of products. It is also quite appropriate for classical LARPers that seek an alternative to edged weapons.

Commando LARP Knife

Item # CL-243
You may not always have the fanciest of weapons at your side, but you cannot beat the reliability of a loyal and sturdy knife. The Commando LARP Knife is ideal for skirmishes with raiders, mutants, and other wasteland wanderers.

Foam Crowbar

Item # NP-G-BL122
Grabbing the nearest item for protection can cause a problem, but not when dealing with our Foam Crowbar. This crowbar works as the prop you need for a variety of uses, including theater productions, cosplay, and fantasy events.

Freeman LARP Crowbar

Item # CL-103
A radioactive mutant or a flesh-hungry zombie may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but that is only when you are not equipped for the task. Pick up your trusty Freeman LARP Crowbar, and you will be ready to take on the zombicalypse.

HK Tom Hammer

Item # MY100378
You can never doubt the usefulness of a hammer, and the HK Tom Hammer makes a great basic addition to any LARP weapon arsenal. Despite its unadorned simplicity, this foam hammer is quite versatile and sure to become a trusted staple.

Homerun LARP Bat

Item # CL-296
Perfect for modern day and post-apocalyptic LARP settings, the Homerun LARP Bat is a unique addition to any LARP arsenal. With its realistic, slightly weathered steel color, this Calimacil foam bat also makes a great stage prop.

Hunter LARP Knife

Item # CL-245
The heritage of a Hunter is rooted in survival. The Hunter LARP Knife is an official LARP replica of the weapon seen in Bungies acclaimed video game Destiny, crafted with style and sturdiness to help you against hordes of the Fallen.

Ironclaw Pipe Wrench

Item # CL-77
Our Ironclaw Pipe Wrench is a remarkably faithful replica of a very large pipe wrench similar to the ones we see in those horror flicks where blood, gore and zombie parts fly everywhere.

Jack the Sledge Hammer

Item # CL-86
When it comes to putting zombies down for the count, nothing works as well as Jack the Sledge Hammer. In fact, this impressive LARP weapon serves well in putting any of your enemies down for the count in any great LARP events!