Double Headed Battle Axes

We now offering top of the line functional double headed battle axes. Our double headed battle axes were popular among knights during wars because it was capable of slicing through plate armour and helms. Double headed axes were swung side to side without flipping the axe over to strike an enemy making ideal during battle. We also carry decorative double headed axes to decorate your home or office with medieval decor. Our medieval axes are a great alternative to the sword.
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Axe of the Valkyries Pewter

Item # XD614G
This fantasy axe is attributed to the Valkyries, legendary mystical warriors of Norse sagas who transported the souls of dead Vikings to Valhalla, home of the gods. The double head is inscribed with Viking runes and symbols.

Black Legion Battle Axe

Item # KR0022B
From the universe created by Kit Rae, the Black Legion Battle Axe was the primary weapon of the monstrous Barumen Axe men, soldiers to the Lord of the Shadows. This decorative axe features false edged blades made of 3Cr13 stainless steel.

Chopping & Splitting Cruiser Axe

Item # CTK4004C
A double bit axe does not just offer the benefit of an additional blade. The Chopping & Splitting Cruiser Axe offers the benefit of two blades that do two completely different tasks, all in convenient one-haft package.

Conan the Barbarian Simple Axe of Rexor by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN041S
The Conan the Barbarian Simple Axe of Rexor by Marto is the axe once wielded by Rexor in the Conan the Barbarian movie, reproduced so that the teeming masses can enjoy this wicked axe at its proper, full size.

Conan the Barbarian Triple Axe of Rexor by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN043S
The Conan the Barbarian Miniature Triple Axe of Rexor by Marto is the axe once wielded by Rexor in the Conan the Barbarian movie, reproduced by the smiths at Marto so that everyone can enjoy this wicked weapon at full-size.

Double Bit Combat Axe

Item # CTK4011BC
What is the best way to improve the effectiveness of an axe? Add a second blade! The Double Bit Combat Axe is a rugged and reliable hand axe made of quality materials that functions as a survival tool and a combat weapon.
$90.00 $81.00

Double Bit Dragon Battle Axe

Item # NP-L-18
Dish out a fiery punishment upon your foes with the Double Bit Dragon Battle Axe. This war axe looks as if it came straight from a high fantasy realm. Cast metal details and a painted blade create a unique style that is truly epic.

Double Bit Michigan Axe

Item # CTK4051C175
The Double Bit Michigan Axe is a favorite of mountain men. This axe is not too large or too small, and it features a double bit head which allows for extra weight when chopping and the use of two distinct edges.

Double Headed Axe with Spike

Item # ME-0124
Designed in the appearance of late medieval era weaponry, the Double Headed Axe with Spike is a spectacular piece of home decor. Its employment of two blades and a thrusting spike creates an exceptionally eye-catching appearance.

Double Headed Ceremonial Axe by Marto

Item # MA-8651S
The Double Headed Ceremonial Axe by Marto is proof-positive that just because an axe is regarded as a simple, easy-to-make weapon, not all of them are brutish, plain, or unrefined. This one is none of those.

Double Headed Decorative Medieval Axe

Item # ME-0109
Used as a ceremonial or sacrificial weapon, battle axes with two blades became a symbol of divine power for many ancient civilizations. You can display this magisterial symbol with the Double Headed Decorative Medieval Axe.

Double Headed Large Hawk

Item # AH-3907
Some tomahawks are made for show and some are made for use. This Double Headed Large Hawk is one that is made for use, featuring a balance and construction that makes this tomahawk fun and easy to throw, either for fun or competition.