Fine Dining Accessories

The little touches you add to your table can have a big impact on its style, as well as a big influence on the theme of your next meal. We offer an impressive selection of dining accessories that are perfect for adding to your table, as much for their function as to celebrate their look and detail. This section is home to all manner of interesting and necessary accents for your table, many of which are as decorative as they are useful. One of the most common accents in this section are salt and pepper shakers. Made in a variety of styles and themes, our salt and pepper shakers are sold as sets and give you a great way to add some cute, cool, and interesting accents to your table, for your guests to use and admire in your meal. We offer much more, though, including handy accessories like creamer sets, to add to your table when you take coffee and tea, and oil and vinegar sets that are perfect for going with salad and bread courses. Also offered are gravy boats and butter dishes, so you can add delightful condiments to your meal as well. To add style to your kitchen, we have measuring spoons and cups that will help you get into your theme early while you craft your ideal meal. All these little elements can be quite important to your table when you have a feast, so make sure they are present. Take the time to find the right accents for your table by shopping in our dining accessories section.
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Acorn and Oak Leaf Creamer Set

Item # VH-L317
Wintry white stoneware, accented with elegant pewter oak leaves and acorns, creates a fine presentation of cream and sugar in the Acorn and Oak Leaf Creamer Set. No gathering for tea or coffee is complete without this piece.

Acorn Measuring Cup Set

Item # VH-L131A
Express your hospitable spirit by using our delightful Acorn Measuring Cup Set when you create your next culinary masterpiece. These acorn-shaped measuring cups will help you to add the perfect amount of each ingredient.

Acorn Measuring Spoon Set

Item # VH-L132A
When baking for your next gathering, be sure to measure out each ingredient perfectly. Express your hospitable spirit by using this delightful pewter Acorn Measuring Spoon Set when you create your culinary masterpiece.

Acorn Oak Napkin Holder

Item # VH-L115
A regal nod to natural beauty, the Acorn and Oak Leaf Napkin Ring adds the perfect touch of style for an inviting natural or holiday-themed table. Every guest will appreciate the detail you put into your seasonal table setting.

Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers

Item # VH-L116W
Warm, mellow pewter is cast with delicate detail and hand-finished to re-imagine acorn caps on the Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers. This charming set will make squirrels - and your guests - go wild for their lovely acorn shape.

Acorn Stoneware Napkin Ring

Item # VH-L316A
Natural beauty in the world inspires the craftsmanship of many pieces, including table settings like this decorative napkin ring. Finish an elegant, nature-inspired table with accents like the Acorn Stoneware Napkin Ring.

Antler Salt and Pepper Set

Item # VH-B116
Large enough for everyday use and unique enough to give as a gift, the Antler Salt and Pepper Set offers a stunning way to serve these classic condiments. The rustic shakers are crafted from pure pewter for a gleaming look.

Buck and Doe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Item # VH-B116E
The Stag and Doe Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is sure to be a conversation starter when used on a traditional, seasonal, or holiday table. These lodge style shakers offer a hint of rustic design to the look of your table setting.

Classic Oil and Vinegar Set

Item # VH-F417
Slightly colonial and elegantly spare, the Classic Oil and Vinegar Set showcases the natural beauty of these simple condiments on your table or buffet. Two clear bottles nestle in the tooled pewter oil and vinegar caddy.

Corn Napkin Rings

Item # VH-R115N
Fresh from the farm, this high quality pewter Corn Napkin Ring is delightfully detailed, expressing the natural beauty of your favorite harvest bounty. Decorate the place setting of guests with these charming napkin rings.

Corn Salt and Pepper Set

Item # VH-R116N
As fine table accents inspired by the bounty of the harvest season, these salt and pepper shakers make a necessary addition to your meal. The Corn Salt and Pepper Set features ears of corn that hold these important condiments.

Duck Salt and Pepper Shakers

Item # VH-B116D
Why hunt any further for the perfect set of salt and pepper shakers when you can have these charming Duck Salt and Pepper Shakers? This country kitchen salt and pepper shaker set is crafted from fine luxury pewter.