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Gradually, Deepeeka has established itself as one of the known manufacturers of medieval arms and armour, featuring a diverse array of historical weapons modeled and patterned after actual historical antiques. We are happy to offer you a selection of their medieval arms taken from various ages, ranging from Greek and Roman weapons all the Viking arms, medieval weapons, and beyond. These weapons are all made from quality metals, oftentimes featuring polished iron or brass finishes to recreate a realistic and historic look, although stainless steel finishes are not uncommon either. Many of weapons featured here are manufactured by Deepeeka to resemble actual weapons found on archaeological digs or displayed in museums across the world, adding an incredible touch of realism to virtually every item offered. Many of the swords are clearly featured from different stages of European history, ranging from Greek era weapons like the kopis to Roman era weapons like the gladius, the spatha, and pilum, and beyond, up to and including medieval era weapons like the longsword, the halberd, and more. If you're a connoisseur of ancient arms and find yourself in want of a classic, historic looking weapon taken straight off the pages of a history book, than you're in luck, because that's virtually exactly what you'll find here in the Deepeeka category.
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11th C. Viking Sword

Item # AH-6952
This 11th C. Viking Sword is an almost instantly recognizable style of sword, one that is as iconic as the people who made it famous! In your hands, it will make you feel more like a Viking, allowing you to channel your inner Norseman.

12th C. Crusader Sword

Item # AH-6955
A crusader lived or died, by their blade, so as you can imagine, some took their swords very seriously. For pure efficiency, a sword in the style of this 12th C. Crusader Sword would have been favored, for its shape and its availability.

13th C. Sword of St. Maurice

Item # AH-6974R
St. Maurice, also known as Mauritius, was the leader of the Roman Theban Legion during the 3rd century. This 13th C. Sword of St. Maurice venerates him and his actions, which made him the patron saint of soldiers, knights, and warriors.

1796 Light Cavalry Saber

Item # AH-3317
Known as the finest cutting sword ever manufactured, few blades have the history and fame that the 1796 Light Cavalry Saber has. This style of saber was later adopted by several countries, used primarily during the Napoleonic Wars.

18th C. Cut and Thrust Sword

Item # AH-4227
This 18th C. Cut and Thrust Sword is a somewhat middle-ground when comes to the evolution of the sword. It features the ornate hilt of later eras, but still possesses a blade that is considerably thicker than the smallsword or rapier.

3rd Century Roman Spatha

Item # AH-2002
Similar in design to the gladius, the spatha was a straight sword favored by Roman heavy infantry units. This 3rd Century Roman Spatha is an ornate sword, featuring straight edges that culminate into a vicious, angular point.

Arming Broad Sword

Item # AH-6953
The sword of the medieval knight was the arming sword, although this Arming Broad Sword offers a subtle variation on that classic blade. As its name implies, this blade is a bit broader, lending it a more intimidating and powerful form.

Arming Sword with Scabbard

Item # AH-3372
The Arming Sword with Scabbard is a replica of the sword that became the traditional weapon of the knight, before the longsword. The weapon is a single-handed sword with a broad blade designed for cutting, slashing, and thrusting.

Black Masonic Sword

Item # AH-4201
Freemasons have been well known for centuries as excellent craftsmen who take pride in their work. The Black Masonic Sword is a beautiful example of this fine craftsmanship, with exquisite engravings on the blade and the hilt.

Blackened Short English Saber

Item # AH-3422
Duelists of the later eras often favored a variety of weapons. One master might prefer the small sword, while another, the cut-and-thrust sword. This Blackened Short English Saber is another style of sword that had its own advantages.

Blackened Swept Hilt Rapier

Item # AH-3421
A duelist needs a sword that excels at both offense and defense. This Blackened Swept Hilt Rapier, with its cut-and-thrust style blade, looks to be just that, while its blackened hilt confers a dark appeal to the look of this blade.

Bone Grip Roman Spatha

Item # AH-4208N
Used by a variety of Roman soldiers, the Spatha was created for heavy infantry due to its in length over the traditional gladius. Our Bone Grip Roman Spatha offers a large reach and is easy to wield for variety of swordsmen.