Decorative Wall Plaques

Some people look at a wall and see just that, a wall. But we see so much more. We see a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated with any of our decorative wall plaques. These wall plaques pack a potent punch of medieval style, making them great ways to spruce up the look and feel of any room. Attention to detail is one of the main features of many of our wall plaques, as they possess an incredible look and feel that definitely stands out from more traditional wall decor. Each piece has the detailing necessary to render it a centerpiece, either in the room or in a collection, and each one will work wonders when it comes to enhancing the overall medieval style of your room, whether it is a sitting room, a private library, a study, or an office. Many of the wall displays combine a traditional wood plaque with elements like miniaturized medieval armor and swords to create a striking display and others include into the mix stunning designs, like knotwork or heraldic crests to greatly enhance the plaque style. Our selection of wall plaques is incredibly varied, as we offer a variety of Celtic, greenman, and fantasy wall plaques as well as wall plaques that will certainly fit nicely within gothic themes. Distinctive and unique as they are, any of our decorative wall plaques are bound to look great when you hang them in your room of choice, acting as great conversation pieces or fantastic decorations that will keep your guests talking and admiring, and that makes them a success, as far as decorations go.
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A Mother's Love Plaque

Item # CAS-1048
Get a beautiful reminder of the whimsy of nature and the motherhood it symbolizes with the A Mother's Love Plaque. This elegant statue is sure to be a valued mothers day gift or just a way to show a mother some appreciation.

Acanthus Butterfly Plaque

Item # CAS-1102
The stunning Acanthus Butterfly Plaque evokes a sense of harmony that will resonate within your home or garden. This piece can be a treasured accent that peacefully welcomes visitors or you when you return home from a long day.

Acorn and Clover Greenman Plaque

Item # CC10700
The nature deity known as the Greenman forms his face from the foliage of the forest, creating a striking appearance. The Acorn and Clover Greenman Plaque displays this figure with acorns and three-leaf clovers in his features.

Acorn Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4586
The ever-changing spirit of nature has taken on a new face with the Acorn Greenman Plaque! This ancient nature deity will watch over your flowers, fruits, and vegetables with the strength and dependability of an old oak tree!

Angel with Fleur-de-Lis Shield Wall Plaque

Item # OL-F9311
Add a regal touch to your home or garden walls using the Angel with Fleur-de-Lis Shield Wall Plaque. This handcrafted, fiberglass wall decoration features a sculpted angel from waist up, holding a fleur-de-lis shield with both hands.

Autumn Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-2408
The Greenman is a nature spirit dedicated to protecting all things green and natural! You can feel secure in your home with the Autumn Greenman Plaque watching over your plants! His friendly face smiles in a comforting manner.

Awaken Your Magic Wall Plaque By Anne Stokes

Item # WU-1706
A ghostlike bird glides silently through the moonlit sky. An unearthly hush overtakes the forest. The Awaken Your Magic Wall Plaque By Anne Stokes presents a 3D rendition of a painting designed by a highly acclaimed fantasy artist.

Bacchus of Pisa Wall Plaque

Item # OL-FS6919
The Roman god Bacchus was a god of wine, agriculture, and wild festivity. The Bacchus of Pisa Wall Plaque shows the bearded face of the Roman deity surrounded by clusters of grapes and leaves, perfect for accenting your garden wall.

Battle Dragon Plaque

Item # CC11694
The grim, stone colored dragon depicted in the Battle Dragon Plaque guards a multitude of decorative and ornate medieval weapons. This intense and striking plaque is ideal for transforming your home into an austere fantasy castle.

Batwing Beast Gargoyle Wall Plaque

Item # OL-F1240
With brows furrowed in a grim expression, this gargoyle is ready to guard your garden or home. The Batwing Beast Gargoyle Wall Plaque depicts the face, chest, front paws, and large bat wings of a traditional gothic gargoyle.

Black Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque

Item # 71221
The Black Dragon With Sword Wall Plaque is made of poly-resin that is finished in brushed silver. The dragon is gripping the medieval sword and will not let go. The wings of the dragon are spread wide open.

Blade Reaper Wall Plaque

Item # EV-10181
When you are always busy rushing around the planet and leading people to the afterlife, there is no time for scythe maintenance. Luckily, the angel of death depicted in the Blade Reaper Wall Plaque has plenty of replacements.