Men's Gothic Costumes

Gothic styled costumes are always a great choice, come Halloween night; on the night when the dead supposedly rise from their graves to walk the earth, no costume in the world should seem more appropriate then a darkly gothic costume. And we, here at Medieval Collectibles, are here to offer you a tantalizing selection of men's gothic costumes. If you want to walk among the dead, our men's gothic costumes contain a selection of extremely appealing vampire costumes: ranging from downright noble to slightly amusing, our gothic vampire costumes are sure to make any man a heart-stopper. But they are not the only good costumes in our men's gothic costume section. We have also got gothic noble and ghost costumes, as well as a number of dark, yet mystical sorcerer costumes that confer a mysterious and powerful look not to mention they make you look pretty cool, as well. So if you think that gothic style is the way to go this Halloween or for any costumed event, really then you need to browse our men's gothic costume section; you will not be disappointed.

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Baron Von Blood Costume

Item # FM-64348
This vampire costume is the perfect blend of old world style and gothic imagery. The Baron Von Blood Costume is for a modern vampire who desires a touch of elegance in their wardrobe with colorful and distinctive gothic influence.

Baron Von Blood Plus Costume

Item # FM-64575
This vampire costume is a perfect blend of old world style and gothic imagery. The Baron Von Blood Plus Costume is for a modern vampire who desires a touch of elegance in their wardrobe with a colorful and distinctive gothic influence.

Bloody Handsome Mens Costume

Item # DG-10260
Everyone will want to nibble your neck when you show up wearing this Bloody Handsome Mens Costume. Displaying a regal silhouette suited for any preternatural party, this Victorian vampire costume pairs well with a bottle of red.

Dark Sorcerer Men's Costume

Item # IN-3038
Unfortunately, the donning of the Dark Sorcerer Men's Costume does not confer knowledge of any dark arts, so there will be no turning of random people into frogs or smiting them with lightning. It does, however, make you look very cool.

Evil Jester Costume

Item # FM-77238
Very few can say that they got the last laugh, and the man wearing the Evil Jester Costume indeed did. With this frightening ensemble, you can combine the lighthearted nature of a court jester with traditional horror elements!

Gothic Vampire Men's Costume

Item # IN-1001
Depending on the influences, a vampire is not hard to do as a costume. A modern one can apply fangs and fake blood, and be done. But a classic gothic vampire is more challenging. For this there is the Gothic Vampire Men's Costume.

Grim Old Reaper Costume

Item # HS-25245
Nothing is quite as daunting as staring down the Angel of Death. Many fear the day he comes for them while others are shocked at his arrival. Instill that fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike with the Grim Old Reaper Costume!

Handsome Devil Men's Costume

Item # IN-1045
Even a devil can be attractive in appearance. The phrase devilishly good looks had to come from somewhere, after all. In the Handsome Devil Men's Costume, any man can show off his devilish charms, dressed in a devils own finery.

Keeper of Lost Souls Mens Costume

Item # IN-11090
Lead your flock towards the gates of hell while arrayed in the Keeper of Lost Souls Mens Costume. For the priest who forsook his holy orders and dabbled too much in the dark arts, this ensemble is the first choice in Halloween apparel.

Master of Darkness Ascot

Item # FM-76790
The time for preparation has begun as minions of evil await their masters return. In anticipation of his awakening, they have dressed him in the finest attire from a well-tailored coat to the Master of Darkness Ascot around his neck.

Mens Basic Pants

Item # DG-6379
Transform into your favorite hero without sacrificing comfort with these trousers! With a straight leg style and lightweight fabric, these Mens Basic Pants will round out your pirate, vampire, supervillain, warrior, or other costume.

Mens Evil Warlock Costume

Item # RC-56151
This Halloween, you can look like something out of a nightmare when you wear this creepy gothic costume. The Mens Evil Warlock Costume provides a dark ensemble suitable for executioners, the grim reaper, or wicked sorcerers.