Mens Zombie Costumes

If you are looking for a fantastic mens zombie costume, then you have come to the right place. In this section, you will find adult zombie costumes galore in many horrifying styles. Choose from zombie doctor costumes, zombie soldier costumes, zombie butcher costumes, biohazard zombie costumes, and many more designs. We even branch out from the traditional undead fare with zombie knight, zombie monk, and zombie pirate styles. If you are looking for a zombie couples costume, we even have great picks for that, like our zombie groom costume. Each horror costume comes with detailed pieces that will transform any gent into a gory walker. Tattered and twisted, our mens zombie Halloween costumes are great options for zombie walks, haunted houses, costume parties, and other themed events.
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Adult Open Heart Horror Costume

Item # IN-E12005
On a night that celebrates dark magic and otherworldly creatures, strange incidents always occur. With the Adult Open Heart Horror Costume, the undead patient proves that nothing is worse than waking up on the operating table.

Biohazard Zombie Janitor Costume

Item # FM-68755
This zombified janitor has seen better days. In fact, anyone wearing this Biohazard Zombie Janitor Costume will look like an impressive zombie that is ready to give up on fixing and cleaning in order to embrace total zombification.

Biohazard Zombie Security Guard Costume

Item # FM-68707
Some of the first zombies you will see will wear white coats from laboratories or hospitals. You will also see security guards, and now you can be one of those first zombies in your Biohazard Zombie Security Guard Costume!

Bloody Apron

Item # FM-65167
Is that human blood, zombie blood, or animal blood? You will never know. The Bloody Apron looks like it could have belonged to a butcher before the zombie outbreak. But now, it looks like it could belong to a flesh-eating zombie.

Bloody Chest

Item # HS-27041
Wearing this Bloody Chest piece will make you look as though you just suffered some sort of terrible, life-threatening wound. Blood seems to seep from the ragged edges of the gash that runs down the center of this well-sculpted chest.
$32.00 $28.80

Bloody Machete Hoodie

Item # MB-M36862
The machete is a classic weapon of horror, for both the good and bad guys. In the Bloody Machete Hoodie, you will look like you ran afoul of one of the latter and wound up acting as a living sheath for that bad guys blade of choice.
$25.00 $17.50

Chop Shop Butcher Costume Apron

Item # IN-E12015
Customers who prefer the taste of human flesh frequent the shop of this murderous fiend. Inspire fear in the hearts of your fellow partygoers, or send haunted house participants screaming with the Chop Shop Butcher Costume Apron.

Dead Zone Zombie Adult Costume

Item # IN-11055
While a ceaseless hunger for human brains may be somewhat distracting, your passion for football goes beyond the grave. Send opponents into a panicked frenzy as you score another touchdown with the Dead Zone Zombie Adult Costume.

Hand Saw Hoodie

Item # MB-M36863
Was it an accident or a brutal attack? Either way, wearing the Hand Saw Hoodie sure looks like a painful experience, given that this zip-up hoodie creates the look of having a hand saw embedded into your shoulder blade.
$25.00 $17.50

Hazmat Hazard Adult Costume

Item # IN-96007
Whatever harmful substances and toxic fumes this Hazmat professional encountered, his suit was definitely not up to standard. Walk among the living dead this Halloween as a radioactive zombie with the Hazmat Hazard Adult Costume.

Heer Zombie Costume

Item # HS-25274
In May 1935, Hitler reintroduced the German Army as the Wehrmacht. A soldier of the Heer, the land force of its 36 divisions, answers the call of his country, rising from the grave to defend his homeland in the Heer Zombie Costume!

Mad Doctor Costume Kit

Item # IN-E12003
This kind physician may be volunteering his time, offering free physicals to all, but only the insane would take him up on the offer. The Mad Doctor Costume Kit is sure to send hospital residents into a horrified panic this Halloween.