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Knight Statues

Say, perhaps, you have a love of knights and all things medieval, but you do not have the space to set up a full-sized knight in your own home. Whatever will you do? Do not give in to despair and panic! We have a large selection of knight statues that are greatly detailed and perfectly sized, ensuring that you will always have access to a knightly statue to display in your home or office. Of course, our knightly figures come in all shapes and sizes, as many of them wear different styles of plate armor. Many are modeled after the typical European knights of the Late Middle Ages that wore stunning examples of plate when they went to war, although not all knights follow this example. Others are modeled after Crusaders and Templars, who made mail their armor of choice and wore heavy helmets and robes while wielding swords in the name of their faith and their Holy War. That they come in various sizes only means that there is bound to be a knight to suit your need here, whether you are looking to occupy a small shelf with limited space or a large table that looks like it needs a grand knight statue that stands more than a foot tall. Virtually all of them come adorned with weapons of some sort, and some even feature shields. If you are longing to add a few knights to your decor, then here you will find dozens of knight statues that are just waiting to decorate the halls of your medieval castle or appear on your desk or shelf.
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Armor of God Statue

Item # WU-1428
If you need an accent piece that combines style and meaning, then the Armor of God Statue could be the solution. This impressive figurine is sure to enhance the look and feel of any room while providing you with spiritual strength.

Armor with Pollaxe Statue

Item # WU-1438
Perhaps your home or office has been needing some medieval inspiration like the Armor with Pollaxe Statue. This elegant and powerful accent can easily become the focal point of any room that needs a fresh decoration.

Armor with Tassets and Partisan Statue

Item # WU-1446
Welcome an element of nobility and duty into your home with the Armor with Tassets and Partisan Statue. This regal figurine will become a treasured addition to the current decor of your home or office, so buy your very own model today.

Armored Crusader - Holding Shield And Axe Statue

Item # WU-1218
Not all knights and crusaders favored the sword and shield as primary weapons. This Armored Crusader - Holding Shield and Axe Statue depicts a knight who favors the utility and the power of the axe when it comes to combat.

Armored Crusader With Flag In Right Hand Statue

Item # WU-1217
During the course of the Crusades, many knights banded together to form knightly orders and wore the same standard into battle. The Armored Crusader With Flag In Right Hand Statue depicts a knight with ties to a well-known order.

Armored Crusader With Staff And Striped Shield Statue

Item # WU-1212
A knight must be prepared for any event in battle. This Armored Crusader with Staff and Striped Shield Statue looks to be well-prepared, as he is fully armored and armed, complete with two additional weapons.

Armored Knight With Chainmail Coif Helmet And Sword Statue

Item # WU-1211
One would think that in armor, a knight would lose their noble bearing, but that just is not true. The Armored Knight With Chainmail Coif Helmet and Sword Statue is proof that even in full war gear, a knight is a noble force to behold.

Armored Knight With Feather Plume Helmet Statue

Item # WU-1206
Generally, knights were more easily identified than other warriors. They carried better equipment and wore better armor. As this Armored Knight with Feather Plume Helmet Statue shows, they also wore more ornate helmets, too.

Armored Knight With Jousting Lance On Rearing Horse Statue

Item # WU-1207
A knights life was not all about war. Sometimes, a knight lived for when he could participate in a joust. This Armored Knight with Jousting Lance on Rearing Horse Statue depicts a knight as he gets ready to charge the lane.

Armored Soldier With Spear And Long Shield Statue

Item # WU-1205
Soldiers came in all shapes and forms during the medieval era. Some fought from a distance, while others fought on horseback. Some, like in the Armored Soldier with Spear and Long Shield Statue, fought in a ground-based melee.

Armour with Lance Statue

Item # WU-1755
Jousting was one of the favorite hastiludes in the middle ages. Knights and members of royalty donned heavy plate armour to demonstrate their courage and skills. This Armour with Lance Statue adds tournament flair to any room.

Armoured Crusader Knight With Spear Statue

Item # CC8872
The Armoured Crusader Knight With Spear Statue depicts a classical interpretation of a medieval warrior standing on a base modeled on rocky ground. This knight wears the garb and armour of a Crusader and carries a spear at his side.