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Dragon Lamps & Lighting

Not only are dragon lamps and lighting functional additions to home decor, they are also great for showing off your love for all things dragon. Our dragon lamps come in a variety of shapes made to fill different roles, so our selection ranges from hanging lamps and wall lamps to table lamps and beyond. Some of our dragon lamps are grand things that feature impressive dragon styling, full-figured dragons that stand tall and proud holding spheres of light that illuminate the room. Some of these are dragon wall lamps that depict dragon heads holding light sources, while others are perched on wall displays that show off great medieval style. Others are hanging lamps meant to be suspended from the ceiling. Still others are great table, desk, and mantel displays. Some exhibit large amounts of light while others, like our smaller LED lamps and tap lights, are more suited as accent lights or as night lights. Like dragons themselves, the dragon lamps offered here come in all different shapes and sizes. So if you are looking for your next dragon collectible, why not take a moment to browse, as you might find just what you are looking for and more in one of our dragon lighting options.
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Armoured Dragon LED Night Light

Item # WU-1799
Find your way by the light of a dragon. Magnificent to behold in both day and night, the Armoured Dragon LED Night Light is a remarkable addition to statue collections and fantasy themed homes. An LED within creates the magical glow.

Crouching Dragon Wall Lamp

Item # CC11517
With its wings hunched behind it, the stone colored dragon gazes down at passersby, its scaly tail curled around itself and a glowing orb resting upon its back. The Crouching Dragon Wall Lamp displays this scene in striking detail.

Dragon and Dagger Table Lamp

Item # 05-71792
This brightly colored dragon seems to have found a treasure worth defending. This Dragon and Dagger Table Lamp is a beautiful fantasy decor piece that features a dragon clinging onto a dagger with a lamp resting atop the pommel.

Dragon Castle Lamp

Item # CC11691
Show everyone who the true king of your castle is with the Dragon Castle Lamp. Nothing beats the fierceness of a dragon when it comes to fantasy creatures, and the dragon depicted here proves it with incredible detail and style.

Dragon Duo Round Lamp

Item # CCB2328F6
When a dragon is about to breathe fire, its throat glows brightly. Just imagine how well two dragons could light your house. With the Dragon Duo Round Lamp, you can find out without having to worry about the burning flames that come next!

Dragon Egg Lamp

Item # WU-1925
Before it hatches, a dragons egg glows from the inside with the fires of the beast within. In the meantime, though, that glow makes for a pretty nifty lamp. With the Dragon Egg Lamp, you can utilize this magic glow to light your home.

Dragon Orb Table Lamp

Item # CC10913
Embrace the timeless style of medieval fantasy in your home with this Dragon Orb Table Lamp. Clutching a glowing orb in its fist, this grinning dragon gazes onward intently as you use the light that emits from his treasured sphere.

Dragon Wall Lamp

Item # CC9939
While many dragons prefer to keep to darkened caverns, the dragon in the Dragon Wall Lamp offers light to all in view. The head of the dragon bears the hook from which the round lamp hangs, creating a striking accent on any wall.

LED Dragon Log Light

Item # 060-2645
Looking like an artifact you might find in some mystical wood, the LED Dragon Log Light depicts a detailed dragon head carved into the side of a tree trunk. The illuminated fantasy figure makes an excellent collectible or gift.

Purple Dragon on Cross Table Lamp

Item # 05-71793
A snarling dragon wraps around a decorative cross on the Purple Dragon on Cross Table Lamp. Crafted from cold cast resin, this collectible statue is attractively hand painted. The cross features decorative gold knotwork on the arms.

Red Dragon Lamp

Item # CC11692
Bring the illuminating magic of dragons into your own home with the Red Dragon Lamp. Both functional and fantastically stylish, no dragon themed home should go without a beautifully detailed cold cast resin statue lamp such as this.

Red Dragon on Cross Table Lamp

Item # 05-71791
An ancient cemetery provides the setting for this Red Dragon on Cross Table Lamp. The base of this functional table lamp is made with dark grey and black colors that are a stark contrast to the bright colors of the featured dragon.