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We carry a varied selection of kids toys and games to delight the youngest fans of history and fantasy. Check out everything from fantasy action figures and plush puppets to 3D castle and dragon puzzles here. Our kids fantasy figurines feature all sorts of characters, from dragons and unicorn to mermaids, fairies, and knights. We offer a ton of unique figures, including heroes and monsters from mythology and folklore. Our hand and finger puppets take the form of cuddly woodland creatures and adorable dragons, to name a few. Children will be entertained and challenged by our historical and fantasy 3D puzzles and games. Share your love for fantasy or history with your child when you present them with any of our kids toys and games.
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Ancient Sailboat 3-D Puzzle

Item # PZ-1425
Children are not immune to the allure of sailing. If your child is drawn to a life on the sea, grab up this Ancient Sailboat 3-D Puzzle to provide a much needed vessel for a journey that only a childs imagination could concoct.
$8.99 $8.09

Arch de Triomphe 3-D Puzzle

Item # PZ-1419
Located in Paris, France, the Arch De Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments of the city, falling only slightly behind the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. The Arch De Triomphe 3-D Model commemorates this historic building.
$8.99 $8.09

Areion The Black Pegasus Figure

Item # S-802329
Up until now, pretty young princesses had a monopoly on winged horses, but not anymore. With Areion the Black Pegasus Figure, any young prince or knight can have his own winged horse, to soar the skies of fantasy.
$11.99 $10.79

Baby Luck Dragon Figure

Item # S-10130
Much like its parent, this lucky dragon bestows good fortune on anyone who catches the gaze of its bright blue eyes! The Baby Luck Dragon Figure makes an adorable companion with its many gamboling limbs and eager expression.
$10.00 $9.00

Ballista with Armorer

Item # HH-42101
The armorer who operates the ballista does not utter a single word. But everybody knows that honey cookies are his favorites. Play with this fearsome-looking yet kind hearted warrior in the Ballista with Armorer item.
$40.00 $36.00

Bilara Fantasy Figurine

Item # HH-70476
The enchantress Bilara is riding on her flower-bedecked unicorn. She alone may ride that wonderful magical creature. This Bilara Fantasy Figurine is made from the finest materials to ensure that it is detailed and safe to play with.
$19.00 $17.10

Blue Dragon Plush

Item # CC12346
Baby Dragons are adorable! Sure, they grow up to be giant, fire-breathing lizards, but before that, they are just cute little things that want to play with fairies! Well, at least that is exactly what the Blue Dragon Plush wants!

Castle 3-D Puzzle

Item # PZ-1027
Who does not love the idea of owning their very own castle? It might be one of the few desires that some people never outgrow from childhood. Now, you can own your very own castle with the Castle 3-D Puzzle.
$4.99 $4.49

Catapult Play Set

Item # HH-42223
The new knight catapult has been designed to be the biggest and most powerful weapon available to the armies of Eldrador. The Catapult Play Set will fire three huge boulders at your foes, leaving craters wherever they land.
$20.40 $18.36

Cyclops Fantasy Figure

Item # S-801829
The Cyclops is a legendary creature out of Greek mythology, one to whom great works are attributed. You and your children can enjoy this mythic creature in the comforts of your own home, in the form of this Cyclops Fantasy Figure.
$11.75 $10.58

Damarai Figurine

Item # HH-70485
The wings of the Damarai Figurine shine bright in all colors of the rainbow when she flies off in the morning to visit her friends. This magical being has the scaled body of a dragon with feathery rainbow wings!
$20.40 $18.36

Dragon Flyer Figure

Item # HH-70508
The Flyer soars higher, farther, and more skillfully than any other dragon in the magical land of Eldrador. The Dragon Flyer Figure shows off the sharp beak and teeth, wicked claws, and powerful wings of this fantasy creature.
$26.00 $23.40