Real Machetes

The machete is basically a modern sword, featuring a long blade designed for cutting. We carry functional machetes that serve well as zombie-fighting weapons and survival tools. Our zombie machetes come in a wide array of designs, including kukri machetes, Latin machetes, panga machetes, parang machetes, bolo machetes, golok machetes, and more. Our tactical machetes are great for defending yourself or launching attacks against the shambling horde, while our survival machetes and jungle machetes can help keep you alive when on the run. These field machetes can clear away brush, cut down vegetation, or even chop wood. Our serrated machetes can even perform sawing tasks. Combat machetes are easy to carry, maintain, and use, which are ideal traits for a zombie apocalypse weapon. Many even display distinctive camo patterns, blood spatter designs, or matte black finishes, letting you find one that appeals on the aesthetic level, as well. These outdoor machetes are made from quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of use, so take some time to pick one out for your bug out bag or home arsenal.
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Biohazard Sawback Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1309
The strength and durability of the Biohazard Sawback Bush Machete come in handy when traveling through a dystopian world. A viral outbreak may have weeded out the majority of humanity but thick foliage and zombie hordes still remain.

Biohazard Serrated Cleaver Machete

Item # NP-H-1372
With the Biohazard Serrated Cleaver Machete in hand, the skilled survivor can clear a path through thick shrubbery or trim down an undead horde. Its powerful blade offers everyday utility and raises post-apocalyptic survival odds.

Biohazard Zombie Survival Machete

Item # NP-H-1307
Do not waste time waiting for the horde to ramble down the road, create your own path with the Biohazard Zombie Survival Machete. The wide, stout blade is just as good at piercing undead flesh as it is for clearing thick vegetation.

Dual Colored Biohazard Sawback Machete

Item # NP-H-1315
This fierce-looking blade inspires fear in the undead, that is, if they have anything left to feel. It is not all about looks though, the Dual Colored Biohazard Sawback Machete assists in daily survival tasks and warding off zombies.

Green Biohazard Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1348-Z
Powerful and efficient blades such as the Green Biohazard Bush Machete see the modern survivalist through the toughest situations. Master the great outdoors and keep the undead horde in check with this all-purpose tool in hand.

Green Biohazard Kukri Machete

Item # NP-H-1335-Z
For the completion of common survival tasks or dealing with the unusual conditions that arise during an apocalypse, the Green Biohazard Kukri Machete comes in handy. Its all-purpose design has proven its worth in countless situations.

Green Biohazard Sawback Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1332-Z
The all-purpose capabilities of a Latin machete make it a prized survival tool, especially during a zombie outbreak. The Green Biohazard Sawback Bush Machete offers extra versatility and power for those who rise against the horde.

Green Biohazard Survival Machete

Item # NP-H-1310
For the completion of outdoor chores and the annihilation of zombie hordes, trust the utility and strength of the Green Biohazard Survival Machete. It is a great assist against the daily tasks and hazards of a post-apocalyptic world.

Green Biohazard Tactical Machete

Item # NP-H-1331-Z
The all-purpose chopping power of the Green Biohazard Tactical Machete assists survivors in mastering the tasks and challenges found outdoors. It also serves well for dealing with the unfortunate zombies that wander into your domain.

Green Paracord Biohazard Bush Machete

Item # NP-H-1407-BK
The utility and durability of the Green Paracord Biohazard Bush Machete are sure to come in handy when exploring the great outdoors in a dystopian world. After all, why should a zombie outbreak keep you from enjoying Mother Nature?

Green Paracord Biohazard Machete

Item # NP-K1020-51
The Green Paracord Biohazard Machete provides the versatility and power necessary to tackle daily survival tasks and undead visitors in a post-apocalyptic world. The fierce-looking blade is sure to impress fellow zombie enthusiasts.

Jungle Saber Machete - Satin Blade

Item # CTK2030S
Combining the best of both worlds, the Jungle Saber Machete is patterned after a weaponized machete that features not only a nearly-straight edge that is perfect for cutting and slashing, but also a solid point for stabbing.