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Every home needs a place to set something down. Check out this section for all our tables, desks, and pedestals that stand out from your typical home decor. We offer a varied selection of fantasy tables here, many featuring gorgeously detailed statues as their bases and glass tops. Shop everything from medieval, Celtic, and steampunk tables to mermaid tables, gothic dragon tables, and even Roman goddess statue tables here. These fantasy glass top tables, end tables, desks, and pedestals are not only great for bringing your favorite styles to your decor, but are also great surfaces for presenting statue collections or other displays.

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Acanthus Double Leaf Table Base

Item # OL-F8447
The acanthus leaf was an iconic aspect of Greek and Roman architecture. Bring this beautiful historic motif to your own indoor or outdoor decor when you use the Acanthus Double Leaf Table Base to create your own unique table.

Acanthus Leaf Table Base

Item # OL-F9303
The Acanthus Leaf Table Base brings the beauty of Greco-Roman architecture and artistry to your home or garden. This historical table base has scrolling limbs with acanthus leaf details adding a natural touch to the decadent design.

Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table

Item # EV-10024
Many people fantasize about slaying a dragon, but what about training a dragon to hold your beverages and books? With the Blue Dragon with Hatchling Table, you can effortlessly tame the wild nature of the most fearsome fantasy beast.

Colossal Ionic Table Base

Item # OL-F9650
Like the ancient Greek architecture revered during the Renaissance, the Colossal Ionic Table Base adds historical elegance to indoor or outdoor decor. This decorative table base has large spiral details beneath is wide top platform.

Double Dragon Table

Item # CC12145
Welsh mythology tells the story of two dragons locked in a deadly battle beneath the earth. These days, dragons just give each other the silent treatment. The Double Dragon Table puts a pane of glass over this passive-aggressive feud.

Fortuna End Table

Item # WU-1169
Have you ever wanted to make a Greek or Roman deity a part of your home decor? Well, now you can, thanks to this impressive Fortuna End Table, which transforms the Roman goddess Fortuna into a stunning piece of decor!

Leaping Water Dragon Glass Top Table

Item # WU-1599
Erupting from the ocean waves, this dragon is hunting for its next meal. Its serpentine tail whips the water into a froth, exhibiting its displeasure. This Leaping Water Dragon Glass Top Table makes a ferocious addition to any decor.
$285.00 $256.50

Lion Leg Table Base

Item # OL-F6588
The Lion Leg Table Base adds intricate, noble style to any home or outdoor decor. This decorative table stand features four roaring, winged lion heads at the top and four lion paws standing upon on its thick, eight-sided base.

Maiden Water Bearer End Table

Item # WU-1226
In a desolate desert setting, water bearers, such as the one depicted by this Maiden Water Bearer End Table, are likely a common sight. Thankfully, you do not have to visit a far-away place to enjoy the image or appearance of one.

Red Dragon and Castle Table

Item # EV-10182
Even the fortified battlements of a castle are no match for the might of a dragon. And even the mightiest dragon is no match for a lovely vase or a mug of coffee, as you will learn when you add the Red Dragon and Castle Table to your home.

Skeletal Pirate Wine Table

Item # CC9784
Pirates are notorious lovers of liquor, but they are even fonder of rum. This Skeletal Pirate Wine Table has a love of wine, though, and luckily, he is also quite the gentleman, holding the bottle and the glasses, too.

Three Beast Table Base

Item # OL-F6468
Delight in nature and fantasy both when you bring the Three Beast Table Base into your garden. Each foot has a creatures face made of scrolling leaves. Bring a sense of enchantment to your outdoor decor with this fantasy table stand.