Military Statues & Decor

This category includes statues and specially selected home decor that honors the fierce loyalty and bravery of the modern soldier. Expect highly detailed statues and figurines that capture the warriors of the Army and Navy in their finest moments. Look for furnishings and decor that commemorate the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard as well. Find the perfect statue to gift to a beloved veteran. Show appreciation for a family member who has found their calling in the military with decor that expresses your pride. We honor the valor, skill, and sacrifice of the military with a wide selection of statues, figurines, and home decor made in their image.
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Bronze US Army Solider

Item # WU-1878
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself-FDR. This lifelike Bronze US Army Soldier statue features an accurate interpretation of the equipment that the brave US soldiers dawned during the war to end all wars, World War II.

Grenade Toss WWII Soldier Statue

Item # SC8788
The advent of explosives in warfare forever changed the way we do battle. The invention of the grenade allowed soldiers to take out multiple enemies at once without special training. The Grenade Toss WWII Soldier Statue depicts its use.

Jet Fighter Pilot Statue

Item # SC8691
With his helmet under one arm and a bag in the other, this solemn pilot stands, for the time being, on solid ground. The Jet Fighter Pilot Statue depicts this uniformed member of the Armed Forces with a remarkable level of detail.

Kneeling Soldier Statue

Item # CC11662
With his eye to the scope, this soldier prepares to take the shot. The Kneeling Soldier Statue depicts this modern military man with extreme detail, from the marks on his helmet all the way down to the dirt-like texture of the base.

Navy Seal Aiming Statue

Item # SC8614
Looking down the scope of his gun, the Navy Seal prepares to fire at the enemy. The Navy Seal Aiming Statue depicts this modern soldier in fantastic detail, revealing every intricate element of his tactical outfit in cold cast resin.

Paratrooper Statue

Item # SC8087
Show your pride for the armed forces with the Paratrooper Statue. This figurine captures the portrait of brave soldiers that specializes in parachuting into hostile environments and bringing justice to oppressed territories.

Praying Soldier Statue

Item # CC11663
When the hardships of battle tax on his soul, the soldier kneels, his head bowed in humility with his gun still in hand. The Praying Soldier Statue depicts this heartfelt scene with its high quality, cold cast resin construction.

Providing Security Statue

Item # SC8080
Every day, men and women overseas and at home are fighting to maintain the liberties that our country depends on. Honor these brave souls with the Providing Security Statue, which can be a great accent to any home decor.

Sniper Statue

Item # SC8088
Lurking through the jungles and woods, these brave soldiers are able to gather intelligence that can make or break an operation. Commemorate the duties of this elite force with the bold and decorative Sniper Statue.

Soldier in Combat Statue

Item # CC11661
Battle is unpredictable, and the Soldier in Combat Statue depicts a man engaged in the turmoil of the fight. This incredibly brave soldier is ready to lay down his life for his fellow warrior, if such a situation becomes necessary.

Taking Aim WWII Soldier Statue

Item # SC8787
The soldiers that fought in the second world war were fighting for a noble and just cause. Their mission was to save the wronged peoples of Europe from the tyranny of the Nazis. The WWI - Taking Aim Statue honors this noble fight.

Under Cover Sniper Statue

Item # SC8616
Cloaked in his disguise and expertly armed, this soldier is well suited for taking on the enemy without being seen. The Under Cover Sniper Statue, made of high quality cold cast resin, is hand painted for an eye-catching antique look.