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Steampunk Accessories

If your steampunk attire is lacking, then perhaps you are missing a key accessory. Look no further than our array of excellent steampunk accessories to elevate your look. Our inventory includes a wide range of pieces to complete any steampunk ensemble ranging from a prim ladies maid to a mechanically-minded engineer to a commanding airship captain and beyond. We carry steampunk purses and bags, steampunk bracers and wrist cuffs, steampunk belts and decorative buckles, steampunk gun replicas and leather holsters, steampunk magnifiers, steampunk hair accessories, and many other gadgets and trinkets to set your style apart. With designs for ladies and men, these Neo-Victorian accessories can appeal to anyone wanting steampunk flair. These finishing touches are sure to impress, so check back regularly to see the latest additions!
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Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials

Item # DK2039
Keep your potions and your sword at hand when you wear this Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials. Displaying six corked glass vials along the chest, this leather baldric also has an adjustable sword frog with two buckles at the hip.

Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials

Item # DK7122
Called to attend the lady of the manor, the alchemist removes a curious pouch from his belt. Releasing the clasp of the Alchemist Pouch with Glass Vials, he opens the leather satchel, selecting from among the tonics secured within.

Alchemist Sword Frog

Item # DK1064
The rogue adjusted the Alchemist Sword Frog on his belt as he left the apothecary shop. After checking that the corks were secure on the three vials of murky liquids, he walked slowly, melting into the raucous crowd of shoppers.

Alchemist Tankard with Leather Wrap

Item # DK1065
What potions will you keep close at hand when drinking at the tavern? When you drink from the Alchemist Tankard with Leather Wrap, you may carry a poison detector tonic, a powerful mana potion, or perhaps a taste of your favorite rum.

All Geared Up Steampunk Wrist Cuffs

Item # DK6058
An awesome pair of leather wrist cuffs are a must have accessory for any Steampunk enthusiast. These wrist cuffs feature three unique gears that are also crafted from leather and colored bronze to resemble metal.

Ammunition Wrist Cuff

Item # DK6072
You never know when a few extra bullets might come in handy. It is that unknown that makes this Ammunition Wrist Cuff such a great investment. Not only does it keep extra rounds on-hand but it also enhances your style quite a bit too.

Bag Of Assorted Gears

Item # LU-540134
Are you looking to update your wardrobe with a healthy dose of Steampunk style? Then this Bag of Assorted Gears is exactly what you need to give each and every garment you own a subtle touch of incredible Steampunk style!

Bag Of Gears

Item # FM-66453
Steampunk style is notorious for the placement of cogs, gears, and flywheels not only in its machinery but also in its clothing. If you feel that your Steampunk attire is lacking cogs and gears, you can add more from this Bag of Gears.

Black Steampunk Ruffled Lace Gloves

Item # FM-66145
It seems like, in Steampunk style, the hands are always forgotten in favor of goggles, gears, and hats. The Black Steampunk Ruffled Lace Gloves are an elegant addition to any outfit that adds a touch of color and a bit dose of style.

Black Steampunk Terminator Mask

Item # KA-1006
Spark the imagination of your fellow Neo-Victorians, and bring to life a world powered by steam. No matter the purpose, whether for a glittering carnival or theatrical roleplay, the Black Steampunk Terminator Mask completes your look.

Bronze Lock and Key Skull Mask

Item # KA-1011
So many costumes benefit from the addition of the Bronze Lock and Key Skull Mask, making it an essential piece for your wardrobe. Become a ruthless pirate from a steampunk era or add an intriguing twist to the role of grim reaper.

Bronze Steampunk Masquerade Mask

Item # KA-1003
Enter the curious world of the Neo-Victorian in full style or add a distinctive touch to a theatrical performance with the Bronze Steampunk Masquerade Mask. This take on the traditional Venetian mask features mechanical enhancements.