Miniature Siege Engines

We carry a full line of miniature replica cannons, medieval catapults, battering rams, and trebuchets. These miniature replica siege weapons are very detailed and historically accurate. They are great collectible pieces and gifts that are ideal for wargamers and collectors. We have Civil War cannons, British Naval cannons, Louis XIV cannons, medieval catapults, Napoleon cannons, Spanish Naval cannons, and much more. Our cannons, catapults, and other medieval siege engines are made of cast metal and/or wooden parts. Cannons and catapults make great office desk decor or home decor items.
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1806 Mini Napoleonic Cannon

Item # FD420
The Napoleonic Wars saw extensive use of field cannon, and this miniature replica is based on a French piece that possibly saw action at the Battle of Waterloo and was typified by the on-board powder chest and the bronze barrel.

1861 Miniature Civil War Gatling Gun

Item # FD421
This miniature lets you celebrate the weapons of the Civil War era! Modeled after the artillery, this 1861 Miniature Civil War Gatling Gun embodies the old maxim of more being better - more bullets, more coverage, and more terror.

18th Century British Naval Cannon

Item # FD407
Naval cannons were set up on gun decks on the typical Man of War and the broadsides resulting from all the guns on one side of a ship firing in unison were legendary. This miniature replica cannon is 10.75 inches long and well detailed.

18th Century French Cannon Louis XIV

Item # FD404
This miniature replica of a Louis XIV field cannon is well constructed and sized for a shelf display. The wheels rotate and the barrel can be tipped and elevated. The details are excellent and offer this miniature incredible realism.

Brass Mini US Civil War Cannon 1861

Item # FD422
This miniature U.S. Civil War cannon is typical of the field cannons used by both sides in the conflict. At 7.25 inches long, this piece is part of a series of famous cannon miniatures from Denix made in Spain.

Civil War Confederate Cannon Miniature Replica

Item # ZS-210491
When you face a fortified city or structure, it is time to roll about the big guns. In the American Civil War, cannons were the common artillery of the day, and this Civil War Confederate Cannon Miniature Replica recreates their look.
$39.50 $35.55

Civil War Limber Miniature Replica

Item # ZS-210492
In the field, a limber would have been an addition to any cannon, serving to provide more ammo and the tools necessary to maintain the artillery. Thus, this Civil War Limber Miniature Replica is a great addition to any cannon miniature.
$35.90 $32.31

Grey 1861 Civil War Cannon USA

Item # FD402
This cannon reproduction is a smaller version of the famous 12 Pounder Cannon. This item measures 15 inches in overall length with a metal barrel that is 7.5 inches long. This cannon is just like the ones used in the Civil War.

Large 16th Century Cannon

Item # ME-0204
Replicating the styling of 16th century naval artillery, the Large 16th Century Cannon is a stunning piece of historical decor. This cannon is crafted from cast metal and is exquisitely displayed upon a wheeled wooden carriage.

Large 18th Century Metal Cannon

Item # ME-0206
An exceptional piece of historical decor, the Large 18th Century Metal Cannon is a fantastic way to display your fascination with historical weaponry. This replica is made from cast metal and features a beautiful antique brass finish.

Large Cannon Pencil Sharpener

Item # WR-LCAN
This Large Cannon Pencil Sharpener measures 3.9 inches and is made from metal with plastic wheels. There is a pencil sharpener under the barrel. English cannon were first used during the Hundred Years War, at the Battle of Crecy.

Medieval Catapult

Item # WR-RC
This Medieval Catapult is made from metal, with plastic wheels and has an exciting working firing mechanism. The catapult also incorporates a pencil sharpener. A catapult is a device used to throw or hurl a projectile a great distance.