Gothic Home Decor

If you want your home or office to represent your favorite dark aesthetics, you are in the right place! Our gothic home decor includes a wide array of products perfect for decorating your personal space in grim, mysterious, and occult styles. Gothic wall art includes pieces like posters, metal signs, mirrors, wall clocks, and plaques, while our gothic statues show off designs with skulls, fallen angels, werewolves, ravens, the Grim Reaper, vampires, dark fairies, spiders, and other eerie figures. We carry a variety of gothic bedding, including throw blankets, duvets, and pillows to inspire dark dreams, and our gothic candleholders, incense burners, trinket boxes, chess sets, bottle holders, lamps, and gear shift knobs will help to round out your collection. Take a moment to browse, and you will find many different things to catch your eye!
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Alchemist Pen Top

Item # AG-BE4
The classic Alchemist skull, cast in English pewter, is securely fitted to the top of this black Paper Mate ball pen. The pen is included and would make a great gift for any writer you know, adding a gothic reminder even to their desk.
$9.00 $8.10

Alchemy Speculum Wall Mirror

Item # 060-1793
There's nothing quite as demoralizing, nor quite as morbid, as witnessing your own death. Perhaps the only thing that compares to the experience is to look upon your own deathly, skeletal remains, like in the Alchemy Speculum Wall Mirror.

Angel and Reaper Statue

Item # WU-1933
Where there is light, there is a lingering shadow, and where there is darkness, the light looks to fill it. This cosmic attraction has been artfully rendered in gothic fantasy style by the darkly romantic Angel and Reaper Statue.

Angel Rose Statue

Item # WU-1113
One can imagine that angels have a sad existence. Eternity is a long time to watch all life fade around you. This Angel Rose Statue depicts an angel whose eternity has made her dark and gothic, as well as sad and melancholy.

Angel Tombstone Horror Ornament

Item # HO-TBSN
Born in the year 1866, Mr. Burns died the day before Halloween on the eve of his 100th birthday. If you hand the Angel Tombstone Horror Ornament on your tree, he might just rise again to make up for what he has missed.

Angel's Cry Flag

Item # SL-00049
As strange as it sounds, there is beauty that can be found in grief and despair, especially when those feelings come from something pure. This Angels Cry Flag is one example, depicting a scene of grief that remains quite touching.
$15.00 $13.50

Anne Stokes Dance with Death Fleece Blanket

Item # ZB-2323
While the thought of dancing with Death is thrilling, it may also send a literal chill right up your spine! This Anne Stokes Dance with Death Fleece Blanket will keep you warm and toasty while also keeping your Gothic style in mind.

Anne Stokes Hellfire Fleece Blanket

Item # ZB-2365
When the burning flames of hell are just not enough to keep you warm, this Anne Stokes Hellfire Fleece Blanket will do just the trick. Curl up in this insulating blanket and let the gruesome skull keep you toasty all winter long.

Anne Stokes Hellrider Fleece Blanket

Item # ZB-2353
If you already have a skeleton style theme in your home, or if you are looking to create one, then this Anne Stokes Hellrider Fleece Blanket is the perfect way to do so. This warm and cozy blanket features a stunning, detailed image.

Anne Stokes Immortal Flight Fleece Blanket

Item # ZB-2341
As you watch the full moon rise and you begin to feel the hint of a chill in the air, make sure that you are prepared to face the night and whatever it may bring with this warm and mesmerizing Anne Stokes Immortal Flight Fleece Blanket.

Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Fleece Blanket

Item # ZB-2357
Whether they are dark or light, angels of all kinds offer comfort in one way or another. As she kneels and clasps her hands to pray, the angel in this Anne Stokes Prayer for the Fallen Fleece Blanket will keep you relaxed and warm.

Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Fleece Blanket

Item # ZB-2333
The next time you catch a chill in the air, the snake queen and her serpent guardians will keep you warm with this Anne Stokes Serpents Spell Fleece Blanket. This soft and cozy blanket also makes for an eye-catching home accent.