Men's Pirate Shirts

Blousy and sleek, buttoned and tied, pirate shirts come in a variety of designs and styles. Medieval Collectibles is proud to carry a fine assortment of mens buccaneer shirts for any sort of pirate outfit. While we offer multiple white pirate shirts and black pirate shirts, we also provide these swashbuckler shirts in several other colors. Many of our mens pirate shirts are inspired by historical pirates like the infamous Redbeard. Our selection includes pirate captain shirts made from fine materials like rayon viscose and cotton for a comfortable feel. We carry many long sleeved pirate shirts, including puffy sleeve pirate shirts, ruffled sleeve pirate shirts, and laced sleeve pirate shirts. These mens shirts look great with our mens pirate coats and pirate vests, too. You will be sure to find a pirate shirt to suit your needs in our collection.
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Alex Cotton Shirt

Item # MY100426
With its historical appearance and comfortable fit, the Alex Cotton Shirt is perfect for an engaging stroll through the Middle Ages, whether for an epic adventure in a land of high fantasy, or for reenactment at a renaissance faire.

Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets

Item # MY100705
If you want a classic medieval shirt that looks authentic and easy to put on, look no further than the Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets! This high fantasy shirt is perfect in both the medieval world and the realms of fantasy roleplay!

Basic Pirate Shirt

Item # MCI-274
It is not difficult to see why the Basic Pirate Shirt is so popular a design. This loose-fitting shirt is made from natural cotton and fits quite comfortably, while still offering the wide range of movement key to any pirates success.

Bastian Linen Shirt

Item # MY100434
Do not let the heat of summer prevent you from the adventure offered by a LARP kingdom or a renaissance fair. The Bastian Linen Shirt impresses not only with its authentic look, but also with its cooling and sweat-absorbing properties.

Bastian Shirt

Item # MY100105
Made from light cotton fabric, the Bastian Shirt makes an excellent piece of medieval apparel for warm days at the Renaissance fair. The period shirt features a wide cut with a subtly ruffled open collar that laces at the neck.

Buccaneer Shirt

Item # DC1013
This Buccaneer Shirt is an authentic pirate shirt that is made of rayon viscose fabric. The shirt has a single frill in the front with eyelets and drawing string for easy adjustability making the pirate comfortable to wear.

Buccaneer Suede Shirt

Item # MCI-401
Made out of soft, lightweight, and comfortable suede textured fabric, the Buccaneer Suede Shirt is a sure staple in any reenactors wardrobe. Stylish and versatile, this authentic inspired shirt is great for a number of historic looks.

Bully Hayes Shirt

Item # DC1070
The Bully Hayes Shirt is a relaxed shirt with eyelets and drawstring on sleeves for varied sleeve tightness. The front design has eyelets and a drawstring for easy adjustability for a comfortable fit.

Button-Up Pirate Shirt

Item # FX1072
It is good to not only look great, but feel great too. When you are wearing this Button-Up Pirate Shirt, you can do that with ease. This shirt is rather comfortable to wear and quite handsome to look at.

Campbell Pirate Shirt

Item # DC1035
The Campbell Pirate Shirt is a beautiful, loose satin shirt made to be worn only on special occasions. The sleek pirate shirt has satin frills in front and on sleeves. The front plaque has eyelets with drawstring for easy adjustability.

Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt

Item # DC1006
The Captain Charles Vane Pirate Shirt is a fascinating and authentic looking pirate shirt. Our Captain Charles Vane Pirate shirt is made from thick and rich Viscose fabric with dropping shoulders for the perfect Renaissance look.

Captain Quincy Shirt

Item # DC1099
The Captain Quincy Shirt is made from rayon viscose fabric that has a special sleeve design. The sleeves rest on the wrist, creating a fluffy look near the cuff. The Captain Quincy Shirt makes a great shirt for Pirate Festivals.