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Mytholon LARP Swords & Weapons

When you next take to the LARP battlefield, why not try out a LARP weapon from Mytholon? Our Mytholon LARP weapons have a sturdy construction made of injection-molded foam around a fiberglass core. They are typically latex free and made in a variety of weapon types and styles. We have everything from medieval LARP swords, shields, and shields to LARP axes, LARP pole weapons, and even LARP rocks for throwing. These foam weapons are durable for fighting and made in styles that suit medieval and fantasy settings. Check out Viking and knight-worthy LARP axes and swords here, as well as LARP throwing daggers, LARP arrows, and an assortment of other foam LARP weapons here.

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Almarik LARP Battle Axe

Item # MY100707
Axes bring power to the game when you arm yourself for battle, and this Almarik LARP Battle Axe is no exception. Featuring a bearded bit and a raven's beak on the back, it is a historic weapon for any warrior to add to their LARP kit.

Alric LARP Adventurer Dagger

Item # MY100751
When you are out exploring and pillaging in untamed lands, you never know when you might need a knife. Prepare yourself for any situation with the Alric LARP Adventurer Dagger, the perfect secondary weapon for any Viking character.

Asazel LARP Knife

Item # MY100709
According to some religious texts, Asazel was a fallen angel who became the spirit of desolation. With the stylish Asazel LARP Knife, you will be sure to embody this demons divine darkness and desolate your enemy.

Auric LARP Throwing Dagger

Item # MY100710
Just because you are fighting to the death in a bloody battle against the forces of darkness does not mean that you should resort to rugged weaponry. Luckily, the Auric LARP Throwing Dagger is the perfect blend of function and fashion.

Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover

Item # MY100388
The Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover is specifically intended to fit the LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386). This sturdy cotton canvas shield cover features two contrasting colors divided into quadrants for an authentic medieval look.

Berengar Shield

Item # MY100386
Made from a thick uncoated weapon foam, the Berengar Shield is a LARP essential. The versatile rectangular design makes it excellent for blocking the attacks of opponents, and the corners of the shield are given a rounded look.

Berengar Shield Cover

Item # MY100387
Designed to perfectly fit the foam LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386), the Berengar Shield Cover is available in a multitude of bright medieval colors, ideal for easily adding style and distinction to the front of your shield.

Berengar Two Color Shield Cover

Item # MY100389
When it comes to distinguishing your LARP shield from the rest, try the Berengar Two Color Shield Cover. Made from cotton canvas, this medieval shield cover is colorful, sturdy, and easy to both attach and detach to your shield.

Darius LARP Knife

Item # MY100723
Almost every warrior has been disarmed in a sword fight. If you would like to keep from losing any more arms, you had best have a secondary defense. The Darius LARP Knife is just what you need in a pinch to get you out of a squabble alive.

Deluxe Ferro LARP Throwing Dagger

Item # MY100713
If you want to end the reign of a powerful queen or wealthy baron, a run-of-the-mill assassin with run-of-the-mill weapons simply will not do. Luckily, the Deluxe Ferro LARP Throwing Dagger is here to give your reputation a boost.

Deluxe Silas LARP Throwing Dagger

Item # MY100721
Just because you do not want anyone tracing your kills back to you does not mean that you want to use an unremarkable weapon. The Deluxe Silas LARP Throwing Dagger keeps it simple while still looking sharp, so to speak.

Diego LARP Sabre

Item # MY100726
If you plan to rob those Spanish galleons of all they are worth, you had best not be afraid to cut a few throats. The Diego LARP Sabre is just what any scallawag needs before setting sail on the seven seas to do some plundering.