Dragon Hair Accessories

Let the might of dragons embellish every aspect of your appearance. Shop our dragon hair accessories for statement pieces and subtle accents that can help incorporate your love for dragons into hairstyles long and short. Check out dragon headbands, dragon hair bows, dragon barrettes, and more in this category. Shop our dragon hair ties and dragon ponytail holders for an understated and practical approach, or try out a bolder dragon headpiece. Our selection of dragon hair accessories varies in its types and styles of hair items, but all feature a decidedly dragon theme. If you simply cannot get enough of dragon style, then the fantasy accessories in this category simply are must-haves.
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Crystal Dragon Hair Stick

Item # AG-HS5
An elegantly writhing dragon of iniquity surrounding a crystal earth, this hair accent is a perfect way to add gothic and fantasy appeal to any look. The Crystal Dragon Hair Stick would make a great gift for the woman in your life.