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Girl's Medieval & Renaissance Clothing

Our selection of period clothing for girls at Medieval Collectibles provides a great opportunity for young ladies to dress up in looks ranging from elegant princess to fair peasant maiden. Our kids period attire comes in many styles suitable for Renaissance fairs or imaginative play, including a number of girls medieval dresses and Renaissance gowns. Create an authentic look with our Celtic chemises, girls bodices, medieval overdresses, or childrens petticoats. For girls wanting a spirited look, we offer a selection of pieces to turn her into a fine Scottish lass or feisty pirate mistress. Search among our period capes, peasant tops, pirate sashes, and more to finish off her ensemble with extraordinary period style.
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Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-2357
There are a few basic essentials when it comes to putting together an outfit from any era, be it gothic, medieval, renaissance, or fantasy. Pants tend to be one of them, and these Basic Medieval Pants are virtually universal.

Childrens Freya Dress

Item # MCI-3375
LARPing events and Renaissance Faires can be incredibly fun ways to spend time with your family, and the more you dress up for it, the more fun it is! Increase your childs fun by dressing them in the Childrens Freya Dress!

Childrens Goblin Ear Hood

Item # MCI-3162
You will wonder how a creature that is supposedly grotesque and evil can be so cute when your little LARPer wears the Childrens Goblin Hood. Many legends surround the mischievous being, now young role players can create their own.

Childrens Runa Overdress

Item # MCI-3377
If your wish is to add layers or a dash of color to your childs medieval outfit, then the Childrens Runa Overdress is the piece of clothing that you want! This two-tone dress is ideal for wearing over plain peasant clothing!

Childrens Shift

Item # MCI-3168
A period garment traditionally worn underneath a dress or gown, the shift, also known as a chemise or smock, would protect the outerwear from sweat and oil. The Childrens Shift can be worn on its own or with other medieval clothes.

Childrens Viking Underdress

Item # BG-1061
We so often think of Vikings as brawny warriors that we neglect to acknowledge the younger members of ancient Nordic society. The Childrens Viking Underdress is exactly the thing for making the Renaissance fair a family event.

Childs Baroque Renaissance Gown

Item # MCI-158
This Childs Baroque Renaissance Gown is made from light golden green baroque damask. The Childs Baroque Renaissance Gown is available in sizes small, medium, large and x-large. The dress is authentic to the Medieval and Renaissance Era.

Childs Celtic Chemise

Item # 100798
This all purpose Celtic style Childrens Chemise has extra long sleeves, which are adjustable by gathering the drawstring and tying them at the shoulder, allowing for a number of different possible styling features.

Childs Celtic Robe

Item # MCI-159
The Childs Celtic Robe is made of 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colors. The Childs Celtic Robe is machine washable. The youth wearing the robe has most likely earned it through religious, magical, or other secretive means.

Childs Elven Tunic

Item # MCI-2347
Our Childs Elven Tunic is suitable attire for archers and swordfighters who make their home in an enchanted woodland. This long-sleeve tunic goes with a variety of looks, perfect for the roleplay wardrobe of a young adventurer.

Childs Fair Maiden Dress

Item # MCI-157
The Childs Fair Maiden Dress is made of 100% cotton and is closed with laces in the back which ensures a perfect fit. The Childs Fair Maiden Dress comes in a variety of colors to choose from and is offered in youth sizes small through x-large.

Childs Fleur di Lis Dress

Item # 100800
Modeled after a 16th century dress, this fully cut poly cotton overgown is the epitome of elegance. The lace-up back ensures a wonderful fit every time. Pair this with our Childs Celtic Chemise for the complete look.