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Women's Pirate Bodices, Corsets & Bras

A feisty pirate lady needs no introduction since she is sure to be wearing an excellent pirate wench bodice, sweetheart corset, or leather bra! Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer many underbust corsets, overbust corsets, pirate bras, and buccaneer bodices. Our wench bodices and steel-boned corsets lift the bust and give you a great silhouette for an authentic period look from the golden age of piracy. Our studded leather bras provide a unique look for your womens pirate captain ensemble and can be worn over a pirate blouse, if desired. Take a moment to browse through our assortment of pirate corsets, swashbuckler bodices, and leather bikini tops, and you are sure to see something that strikes your fancy!
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Anna Canvas Bodice

Item # MY100129
Worn by women of many social classes throughout the years, the bodice is an essential piece of your period ensemble. The Anna Canvas Bodice makes a great addition to looks ranging from pretty barmaid to bold adventurer.

Cotton Velveteen Bodice

Item # SS-CBOD
With its simple look and classic style, the Cotton Velveteen Bodice makes a great addition to any style of outfit, whether it is medieval or Renaissance, especially when it is paired with an attractive looking chemise and skirt.

Gold and Black Tapestry Bodice

Item # SR-SW9-1
When you are looking for something that will accentuate your figure and help you achieve that hourglass shape, this corset top makes a great choice! The Gold and Black Tapestry Bodice offers a flattering fit for many body types.

Jeweled Bodice

Item # SS-JBOD
There are some garments that seem like they go well with everything, and the Jeweled Bodice is one of them. This decorative bodice is a great choice whether you are looking to be a noblewoman, a warrior, or something else entirely.

Lock Lace Bodice

Item # SS-LBOD
Our Lock Lace Bodice is a superbly cut top that lifts the bust perfectly, exactly as a bodice is supposed to. Double boning in the front provides a flat profile. This bodice laces up on the sides and front, allowing for custom fitting.

Medieval Twill Bodice

Item # SS-TBOD
Our Medieval Twill Bodice holds in the waist and lifts the bosom. The double boning alongside the grommets adds strength to the uplift. We recommend wearing it with our chemises and Medieval Skirts. The interior is black.

Medieval Wench Bodice

Item # SS-WBOD
In medieval times, wench simply meant woman. Our Wench Bodice is made of cotton twill, and all color options are reversible to black. The encased boning gives plenty of support and lift, even for full-figured women.

Red and Black Tapestry Bodice

Item # SR-SW9-2
This corset top will accentuate the curves of your figure and help you achieve that ideal hourglass shape with comfort and ease. The Red and Black Tapestry Bodice offers a flattering fit for many body types.

Reversible Peasant Bodice

Item # DC1051
The Reversible Peasant Bodice is a simple, elegant, reversible bodice made from highly durable soft viscose fabric. The peasant bodice has eyelets and drawstring in the front for easy adjustability for a comfortable fit.

Silver and Black Tapestry Bodice

Item # SR-SW9-3
Make the most of your figure with this corset top, which can help you achieve the perfect hourglass shape with comfort and ease. The Silver and Black Tapestry Bodice offers a flattering fit for many body types.

Simple Leather Bra

Item # DK7050
This unique leather bra is crafted from medium weight leather with a shaped cup that provides an excellent fit. Our leather bras come in cup sizes A through D and feature an adjustable strap and buckle harness system.

Simple Pirate Bodice

Item # SS-PBOD
As simple as it looks, the Simple Pirate Bodice is an impressive garment that draws much of its look from the little details. This sleeveless bodice is fully reversible, which makes it as versatile as it is attractive and elegant.