Medieval Shields

Here in this category you will find a wide variety of Medieval and Renaissance style shields. Some are Battle ready and decorative as well as Live Action Role-play Shields. Display our decorative shields or decorative heater shields in your den or in your young knights bedroom. Use our functional shields to keep yourself alive during battle! We also have LARP shields for all of you role play gamers. Our SCA battle ready shields are great for SCA re-enactments and are constructed of 16 gauge steel. Decorative shield sword hangers is great for hanging your favorite sword with that decorative shield in your home. We also have Roman shields that were used in the Roman army for protection. All our decorative, Roman, Rampant Lion, functional and LARP shields are at reasonable prices.

Functional Shields

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Our functional shields will protect you in all your quests. Whether you are in battle, reenacting, on stage (theater) or fighting off a dragon to protect your castle and fair lady, a good functional shield is necessary. Functional shields are made of the best possible materials. Our functional shields include Scottish Targe, steel bucklers, and the Viking shield. These functional shields are battle ready and can be used in the SCA or for reenactments.

Decorative Shields

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Medieval Collectibles has the largest selection of decorative shields available on the internet. Our decorative shields are top quality and are constructed by master craftsman in Spain. Any wall is deserving of a decorative shield this beautiful. These decorative Medieval shields are great gifts for those who love Medieval times and history. We have many different styles of decorative shields to choose from, Richard the Lionheart Shields, Charlemagne Shields, Knightly Shields, Black Prince Shields and decorative Round Shields.

LARP Shields

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Great for LARP or as a lightweight prop for medieval and fantasy cosplays, shop our foam shields here at Medieval Collectibles. Check out shields in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit characters from Celtic warriors and medieval knights to wicked orcs, serene elves, and even LARP shields inspired by characters and factions of popular fantasy. Proclaim your allegiance on the battlefield with our colorful foam LARP shields, or put your trust in a Viking foam LARP shield expertly crafted in the likeness of real wood. Browse Forgotten Dreams LARP shields, Epic Armoury LARP shields, and other preferred brands here to find sturdy and authentic looking defenses for your next skirmish. Many are coated with latex for longevity, while others are uncoated for the intention of customization and for sensitive skin. The tough foam constructions used in these shields are highly resistant to shredding, making them awesome choices for live action roleplay combat. From elegantly historical to out of this world fantastic, you are sure to find a LARP shield that suits your tastes and needs here.

Shield Bosses

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The primary duty of a shield is to protect. Shield bosses were designed to help protect a shield-wielder even more by deflecting the blows of a blade from the center of the shield. Typically made of metal, shield bosses have been used since the prehistoric ages. We offer a selection of shield bosses based on those of ancient Rome and the Middle Ages that can be attached to many typical shield types. Many of these shield bosses are carefully crafted by hand. The perfect addition to almost any shield, these shield bosses are great for reenactment or for adding extra interest to the front of your favorite shield.