Dragon Bracelets & Anklets

Accessorize yourself with the beauty and might of dragons when you wear something from our dragon bracelets and anklets category. Shop here for dragon wing bracelets, Celtic dragon wrist bands, dragon bangle bracelets, dragon wrist cuff bracelets, and more. Our dragon anklets are a delicate and subtle way to wear your favorite fantasy beast. We carry these unique dragon jewelry pieces in a variety of styles as well as materials, from high quality pewter to white bronze and sterling silver. For a casual way to add dragon style to your outfit, no matter what else you are wearing, check out our selection of dragon-themed wristwear here.
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Dragon Bracelet

Item # CCJ143
The Dragon Bracelet is a chain bracelet and features blue and green gems with dragon designs around it. This bracelet is made of lead free alloy. The Dragon Bracelet is one size fits all and can be slightly adjusted.

Dragon Maelstrom Bracelet

Item # AG-A123
The beating wings of beasts of fire can churn up a thunderstorm unlike any other. For everyones sake, it is best to keep creatures like this out of the sky by snugly securing them to your wrist, as in the Dragon Maelstrom Bracelet.

Dragons Lure Bangle

Item # AG-A124
A ride on a dragon is quite a temptation, but all too often, such steeds eat their riders once they get them off the ground. That is why it is always better to make the dragon ride you, and with the Dragons Lure Bangle, you can do just that.

Fantasy Dragon Anklet

Item # PS-TBG735
The Fantasy Dragon Silver Anklet adds a little dragon charm to your day whether prominently displayed as a gleaming silver part of your warm weather attire or for secret inspiration under your pants.

Imperial Dragon Wristwatch

Item # AG-AW16
With all the mystique of the orient and the elegance of a Victorian connoisseur collector, this Imperial Dragon Wristwatch is an impressive sight for any to behold. It is a perfect element for fantasy, medieval, and gothic enthusiasts.

Vis Viva Dragon Bracelet

Item # AG-A88
Are you looking for a bracelet that embodies fantasy and gothic style in one nice package? Then look no further, because this Vis Viva Dragon Bracelet is a lively accessory with impressive detailing and a style fit for all occasions.