Prosthetics, Ears & Teeth

Some of the most creative and intriguing costumes feature not only breath-taking costumes and accessories, but also feature the additions of prosthetics which alter more than the wearers physical appearance they altar his or her race or state of being. We offer a wide variety of small yet stunning and shocking prosthetics that are designed to elevate your costume from good to great in little more than the paltry amount of time it takes to apply the prosthetic. Our costume prosthetics are great for adding those final touches of realism to any costume. If you want to be an orc, we feature orc ears, noses and teeth to make you look as real as possible. Or if you want to be an elf, we carry several different types of ears: wood elf ears, moon elf ears, high elf ears and more; we have all the ear prosthetics that you could need, to be almost any type of elf you can imagine. Our prosthetics can make you into a goblin, or a dwarf, or even a troll! And no prosthetic section is complete without a series of vampire fangs. And since many of our prosthetics feature a natural skin tone, they can easily be painted to ensure that whether you are a blue orc or a purple goblin, your costume prosthetics will match perfectly. So if you find that your too human race is holding back your costuming potential, change things up and make yourself into something different with our costume prosthetics!
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3 Piece Oozing Wounds Latex Appliance Set

Item # CM-WO205
With the 3 Piece Oozing Wounds Latex Appliance Set, you will look like one of the risen undead. The gory wound prosthetic includes three realistic injuries that can be used for movie-grade special effects at home.

3D Burn Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO153
You have definitely felt the heat whenever you add this gory wound prosthetic to your next costume ensemble! This 3D Burn Latex Appliance combines realistic texturing with hand-painting for the gruesome look of a burn scar.

Acid Attack Prosthetic

Item # HS-25137
Some perilous accident has taken place - or was it an accident? With the Acid Attack Prosthetic, you can make yourself look as though you have been the victim of a brutal attack, showing off cruel and grotesque acid burns.

All Patched Up Wound Set

Item # CM-WO350
A stitch here, a staple there, and you will be right as rain in no-time flat. Or, maybe not. This All Patched Up Wound Set features three gruesome and grisly patches of flesh that have been haphazardly stitched into place.

Amateur Staples Prosthetic

Item # HS-25138
You insisted that you did not need a doctor - you could take care of this gash yourself! Now, show off the results with the Amateur Staples Prosthetic, a wound that gapes open despite the haphazard staples holding the skin together.

Animal Attack Prosthetic

Item # HS-25159
Some creature decided you look like a tasty snack and tried to take a bite! The Animal Attack Prosthetic allows you to show off the gory wound left behind by the unfriendly beast and horrify your friends with the realistic injury.

Another Mouth to Feed Wound Prosthetic

Item # CM-WO338
This is not your average, everyday, life-threatening gash. Instead, the Another Mouth to Feed Wound Prosthetic is a gruesome and gory mutation that has turned a life-threatening injury into something truly monstrous.

Apocalyptic Foam Prosthetic

Item # CM-FO057
The chemical warfare of the apocalypse has given you a monstrous appearance with this costume appliance! The Apocalyptic Foam Prosthetic is an excellent special effect, especially since it will shift and move along with your face.

Arachnophobia Prosthetic

Item # HS-25120
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And this Arachnophobia Prosthetic is truly one of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.

Arruga Nose Prosthetic

Item # HS-25111
It is the little details that really make a costume shine and excel. And this Arruga Nose prosthetic is truly one of those little details that can be added to a variety of costumes to create an impressive and unforgettable appearance.

Back Lash Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO166
You can appear as though someone has taken a whip to your back with a vengeance when you wear this gory wound prosthetic. The Back Lash Latex Appliance provides a realistic and horrifying laceration prosthetic for your look.

Bad Headache Latex Appliance

Item # CM-WO315
This realistic forehead gash prosthetic makes a horrifying addition to any costume ensemble. The Bad Headache Latex Appliance features a lightweight, pre-colored latex injury that will make others squirm.