Sand Timers & Hourglasses

Watching the time pass by has never been so fun! We offer a wide range of sand timers and hourglasses here to help you do just that. But these are not your typical hourglasses. Ours are decorated with gargoyles, dragons, skeletons, and more. Shop all medieval, gothic, and fantasy sand timers here. Find the next accent for your gothic study or office with grim reaper, skeleton, and gargoyle sand timers. Dragon sand timers lend style that is both majestic and mystic wherever they are placed. Our medieval and Renaissance sand timers bring the elegance of eras long past. Many of these sand timers and hourglasses are made of high quality cold cast resin and painted by hand, making them both unique collectibles, fascinating decor pieces, and intriguing conversation starters.
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Bat Sand Timer

Item # SC7816
Combining the dark, sinister beauty of a gothic bat with the incredibly useful and classic sand timer, the Bat Sand Timer is a fantastic item that can be used as either a stylish gothic decoration or a useful little time keeper.

Bat Wings Sandtimer

Item # CC10324
With their twilight flights and shrill shrieks, bats remain one of the quintessential gothic creatures. The Bat Wings Sandtimer depicts a pair of bats with gargoyle styling holding the glass bulbs of a sandtimer between them.

Black Old World Hourglass

Item # ME-0197
Life before the invention of clocks is a difficult concept to comprehend in the age of information in which we live. The Black Old World Hourglass is a remarkable reminder of the incalculable value of this taken for granted tool.

Bronze Old World Hourglass

Item # ME-0196
A concept often taken for granted in modern society, the ability to measure time was revolutionary to our progression in technology. The Bronze Old World Hourglass is a wonderful display of the advancement in this field.

Celtic Dragon Sandtimer

Item # SC7961
Time is a precious commodity, as once you have used it all up, there is no way to get more. Luckily, this Celtic Dragon Sandtimer is a way to tell if you are running out so you can give yourself a little more by flipping it over.

Celtic Sandtimer

Item # SC8429
The hourglass gained popularity in the 14th century, likely originating in medieval Europe. The Celtic Sandtimer displays one of these useful tools, holding the glass bulbs in a framework of knotwork patterns.
$24.00 $21.60

Celtic Unity Dragon Hourglass

Item # CC11399
Four stone guardians surround the object that determines when five minutes have come and gone. The Celtic Unity Dragon Hourglass will assist in the monitoring of time while adding a touch of medieval fantasy to your surroundings.

Double Dragons Sandtimer

Item # CC10325
As ancient beings that can live for eons, dragons make a suitable representative to symbolize the passing of time. The Double Dragons Sandtimer features a pair of dragons curled opposite each other around a sandtimer.

Dragon Sand Timer

Item # CC8399
The Dragon Sand Timer is the perfect way to measure our short stints of time. Not only is it a functional hourglass, but it is an incredibly eye-catching piece that features an attractive, fantasy based appearance.

Dueling Dragon Sandtimer

Item # CC8258
The Dueling Dragon Sandtimer offers draconic style with a dark touch to home or office decor. Made of high quality cold cast resin, this functional fantasy sand timer features four fearsome dragons framing its sand-filled glass.

Encapsulated By Dragons Sand Timer

Item # TL-1754
The image of a dragon has withstood the test of time, and this unique hourglass features one on all sides. Our Encapsulated By Dragons Sand Timer displays four dragons coated in a bronze finish alongside a glass timer filled with colored sand.

Gargoyle Sandtimer

Item # SC6842
This gargoyle sandtimer is a great accent piece for your home. This sandtimer features four gargoyles supporting the sides of the sandtimer. The gargoyle sandtimer has elaborate designs covering the sandtimer.