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Shop here for all our medieval, fantasy, gothic, and pop culture key chains, perfect for adding a personal touch to your ring of keys or for accessorizing backpacks and purses. Check out everything from medieval knight and Viking axe key chains to miniature skull key chains and leather journal key chains here. Then be sure to take a look at our licensed pop culture key chains featuring characters from top video games, comics, and franchises like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and more. Our key chains do more than keep your keys together in one place. They also help you show off your unique style on any occasion.
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Alliance Leather Key Chain

Item # DK1050
In Azeroth, loyalty is everything. If your loyalty lies with the Alliance, then you can bet that we have the accessory for you, in the form of this Alliance Leather Key Chain. With it, you can easily show the world whose side you are on.

Amazing Spider-Man Lanyard

Item # BM-0291
Perfect for conventions, work badges, and membership cards, this Amazing Spider-Man Lanyard features a vibrant design featuring the famed web-slinger. Due to the unique sublimation process, the image will not fade or crack with use.
$7.00 $6.30

Anchor Lantern Keychain

Item # 08-K-224
This nautical-themed key chain is both adorable and functional, featuring a burning anchor lantern key fob. Crafted from solid brass, the Anchor Lantern Keychain is as beautiful as it is durable and functional.
$6.99 $5.00

Anchor With Rod Keychain

Item # 08-K-232
The Anchor with Rod Keychain is a nautical-themed item that happens to be both adorable and functional, featuring an anchor key fob modeled after the iconic Admiralty pattern anchor design. It makes for a great collectible.
$6.99 $5.00

Angel Wing Key Ring

In a flutter of wings, angels travel between heaven and earth to perform their duties as guardians and guides. The Angel Wing Key Ring makes a striking reminder of the hope, comfort, and peace that these celestial beings offer.

Angel Wings Key Ring

Acting as intermediaries between heaven and earth, angels protect and guide the individuals under their care. The Angel Wings Key Ring makes a fantastic reminder of these celestial beings and the blessings they provide.

Assassins Creed Film Keychain

Item # BM-0302
Based on the imagery from the 2016 action adventure film starring Michael Fassbender, this Assassins Creed Film Keychain displays the emblem of the Assassins Order in black within a design of flowering vines and a scalloped border.
$6.00 $5.40

Assassins Creed Movie Keychain

Item # BM-0303
Featuring a complex layered design from the 2016 action adventure film, this Assassins Creed Move Keychain makes an eye-catching personal accessory. The black emblem of the Assassin Brotherhood rests within a diamond-shaped plaque.
$6.00 $5.40

Assassins Creed Movie Lanyard

Item # BM-0304
Displaying intricate repeating designs reminiscent of Moorish art and architecture, this Assassins Creed Movie Lanyard makes an outstanding personal accessory. A geometric pendant displays the emblem of the Assassin Brotherhood.
$7.00 $6.30

Axe Key Ring

This axe is made from lead-free pewter and is supplied on a quality key-chain. The Axe Key Ring is a great gift idea for reenactors, Viking enthusiasts, and history buffs, allowing them to always have an axe handy.

Baby Groot Pocket POP Bobblehead Keychain

Item # FK-6715
Who can forget the ending of Guardians of the Galaxy where baby Groot dances behind Drax the Destroyer? With this Baby Groot Pocket POP Bobblehead Keychain, you can relive that entertaining scene any time you take out your keys!
$6.50 $5.85

Batman Cowl Keychain

Item # MG-45139
He can put on the suit, but without his cowl Bruce Wayne cannot truly be Batman, the greatest defender of Gotham City. This Batman Cowl Keychain will show the world your love of the Dark Knight every time you take out your keys.
$9.00 $8.10