Costume Masks

A mask is often just what you need to begin or finish a transformation. To that end, we carry quality latex masks that are great for Halloween, parties, LARP events, roleplaying, and more. Ranging in style, we offer a number of different masks to fit a variety of genres, ensuring that you can change yourself into almost anything. For horror fans, we offer monster masks inspired by zombies, vampires, demons, werewolves, aliens, and more. We also offer more medieval styled masks, allowing you to easily add a touch of history to your knightly costume. We also offer some licensed masks from blockbuster movies like The Hobbit trilogy, World War Z, and the Resident Evil series. We even offer some latex and vinyl gas masks, to help enhance apocalypse, steampunk, and military costumes! All of our masks are made in quality latex and vinyl, and most are offered in one size, which can be padded, pinched, or cut in the back to help adjust sizing. If you need to transform yourself, nothing gets the change done faster than a quality mask purchased from us.
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300 Rise of an Empire Persian Immortals Vinyl Mask

Item # RC-34070
The Immortals were some of the deadliest troops within the ancient Persian army, and when you don this 300 Rise of an Empire Immortals Vinyl Mask, you can easily be mistaken for one of them, thanks to this masks frightening look.

Adult Ares Latex Overhead Mask

Item # RC-34351
Weave a sinister plot of discord that leads to an outright raging war among the human race. Take sibling rivalry to the ultimate level as you face-off against the demigoddess, Wonder Woman, with the Adult Ares Latex Overhead Mask.

Adult Armoured Batman Full Mask

Item # RC-32583
Even a superhero as experienced as Batman knows not to go head-to-head with Superman without extra preparation. The Adult Armoured Batman Full Mask is based on the helmet worn by the popular DC Comics vigilante in Batman v Superman.

Adult Armoured Batman Light-Up Mask

Item # RC-32689
With fantastic LED detail, the Adult Armoured Batman Light-Up Mask will definitely give your Batman costume an edge. An officially licensed costume accessory, the eye cut-outs of this mask appear to glow a bright white from within.

Adult Batman Full Mask

Item # RC-4893
Transform yourself into the comic book crime-fighter and infamous superhero of Gotham City this Halloween with the help of the Adult Batman Full Mask. The Batman mask features the pointed bat ears and furrowed brow of the Dark Knight.

Adult Batman Mask

Item # RC-32688
Before Bruce Wayne battles bad guys in his hometown of Gotham, he dons his mask and becomes Batman. Now you can sport the stern brow of this grim vigilante when you wear the Adult Batman Mask, an officially licensed costume accessory.

Adult Chewbacca Latex Mask

Item # RC-4195
Wherever Han Solo, intergalactic smuggler and Rebel Alliance fighter appears, this Wookiee warrior is always nearby. At your next costume event, portray the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon with the Adult Chewbacca Latex Mask.

Adult Civil War Black Panther Full Mask

Item # RC-32845
Black Panther made his cinematic debut in Captain America Civil War when the prince of Wakanda took on this heroic role. With the Adult Civil War Black Panther Full Mask, you too can make a scene dressed as this Marvel superhero.

Adult Deadpool Fabric Mask

Item # RC-32483
Deadpool is rarely seen without his mask, so make sure your Merc with a Mouth look includes this essential detail. The Adult Deadpool Fabric Mask features a breathable fabric construction, making it ideal for any Deadpool costume.

Adult Deadpool Overhead Mask

Item # RC-68850
While his super suit lacks a mouth cut-out, the infamous Merc with a Mouth still finds a way to voice his two cents in every situation. The Adult Deadpool Overhead Mask replicates the look of his iconic mask with quality and style.

Adult Deluxe Drax the Destroyer Mask

Item # RC-35604
Make vengeance against Ronan the Accuser your target when you dress as Drax the Destroyer this Halloween! The Adult Deluxe Drax the Destroyer Mask allows you to create an authentic look like the character from the movie.

Adult Deluxe Groot Mask

Item # RC-35605
You may be tempted to say I AM GROOT and really mean it when you wear this fantastic mask as a part of your next costume. Dress as this heart-warming Flora Colossus with the Adult Deluxe Groot Mask to give your ensemble a fun look!