Viking Drinking Horns

Partake in your next feast like a true Norse warrior with our Viking drinking horns. We offer a range of drinking horns based on historical styles and even inspired by figures of Norse and Celtic mythology. Many of these drinking horns are made of real, authentic bone or antler, and several come with stands that transform them into gorgeous and intriguing pieces of home decor. We offer functional Viking drinking horns that are great for historical reenactments and Renaissance fairs, as well as those that make phenomenal display pieces. Shop our range of drinking horns for varieties that are perfect for reenactors, collectors, or anyone who simply appreciates the history and myth surrounding this unique type of drinkware.
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Aesir Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700243R
You are a powerful Viking warrior whose prowess on the battlefield is matched only by your ability to guzzle mead. You need a drinking vessel deserving of your legendary status. You need the Aesir Drinking Horn with Stand.

Aslaug Carved Drinking Horn with Holder

Item # HW-700500H
You never know, as you sail from land to land in search of adventure, when you might stumble upon a lavish party. It is always best to be prepared, so be sure to carry the Aslaug Carved Drinking Horn with Holder at your side.

Bjorn Drinking Horn with Holder

Item # HW-700544H
With the Bjorn Drinking Horn with Holder, you will never go thirsty for want of a cup. Pillaging and sailing can be hard work, so be sure to have your drinking horn ready at your side for the next chance you have for refreshment.

Carved Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700239R
After a few millennia of accommodating warriors, Valhalla is running a bit low on supplies. Luckily, you brought your own drinking horn! Make sure you are prepared for any Viking feast with the Carved Drinking Horn with Stand.

Carved Leaves Drinking Horn with Holder

Item # HW-700528H
Life as a Viking is not all about raids. You must also make time for leisure. As such, it is important to bring your feastware with you wherever you go, which is why you should equip the Carved Leaves Drinking Horn with Holder.

Carved Stallion Drinking Horn with Stand

Item # HW-700628R
Impress fellow warriors when you arrive at your next feast with the Carved Stallion Drinking Horn with Stand. Be the merriest Viking of the bunch as you take a sip from this brass-accented natural Viking horn.

Ceremonial Viking Drinking Horn

Item # NP-V-N4219
Emerging from the Viking Age in Scandinavia, the horn was used for used for ceremonial purposes as well as festive functions. This Ceremonial Viking Drinking Horn is a splendid vessel perfect for any Viking or history fanatic.

Dragon Drinking Horn

Item # 804521
This genuine horn goblet is handmade with carved dragon scales and deeply etched lines, making the Dragon Drinking Horn a spectacular drinking vessel. An adjustable black suede belt holster provides a convenient carrying method.

Drinking Horn of Freya

Item # 804519
Here is a beautiful, functional piece for collectors and reenactors who enjoy an adventure into Norse mythology. From Windlass Steelcrafts, this Drinking Horn of Freya befits Viking royalty, worthy of the goddess that inspired it.

Drinking Horn of Jarl

Item # 804518
This magnificent real horn is a feast for the eyes. The rim on this Drinking Horn of Jarl is edged with brass knotwork, while the tip has been decorated with a dragon head. An adjustable leather belt holster is included for carrying.

Drinking Horn of Olaf

Item # 804517
Rimmed with brass, this gorgeous drinking horn is named after Olaf the Peacock, chieftain of the early Icelandic Commonwealth. An intricate peacock feather has been lavishly hand painted onto the horn and sealed for durability.

Drinking Horn of Ragnar

Item # 804520
Norse epic poetry tells of a fearsome Viking named Ragnar Lodbrok, but whether he actually existed is a subject of historical debate. Regardless of his authenticity, the Drinking Horn of Ragnar is sure to make you feel just as legendary.