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Gargoyle Home Decor & Gifts

Perhaps you are looking to decorate your home with gargoyles and you do not know where to start. If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. We have much in the way of gargoyle home decor so that you can get that gothic or medieval look and feel you want by having a gargoyle displayed in any room. Gargoyle home decor is a rather wide definition, though, so it is best to break it down and tell you what exactly falls into this section. Here you will find all manner of distinctive items that are typical of home decoration and all imbued with decidedly gargoyle style. Instead of the common items, like trinket boxes, candleholders, and lamps, you will the more eccentric items. We offer gargoyle thermometers, which are perfect for hanging on a wall near a vent so that it can always tell you how hot or cold the room is. Our gargoyle picture frames will safeguard the image of anyone you wish to protect. We even carry gargoyle doorway plaques, shelves, book ends, fountains, and so much more, making it easy to decorate with gargoyles without having to fill room after room with just gargoyle statue after gargoyle statue. Every single piece is so incredibly detailed that you might think each and every one was a real gargoyle stolen from its perch on some medieval castle or Gothic cathedral! So if you are looking to decorate with gargoyles or seeking a gift for that special someone who enjoys the look of dark decadence and distinctive class, you might find something for them here in the gargoyle home decor section, too.
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Batwing Beast Gargoyle Wall Plaque

Item # OL-F1240
With brows furrowed in a grim expression, this gargoyle is ready to guard your garden or home. The Batwing Beast Gargoyle Wall Plaque depicts the face, chest, front paws, and large bat wings of a traditional gothic gargoyle.

Brent Gargoyle Cardholder

Item # OL-FSP2561
Bring a bit of fantasy fun to your home or office with the Brent Gargoyle Cardholder. A curious gargoyle statue sits next to the slot for standard size business cards. This fantasy cardholder has hand painted weathering throughout.

Brent Guard Gargoyle Note Holder

Item # OL-FSP2713B
This little gargoyle will sit as sentinel over your notepad. The Brent Guard Gargoyle Note Holder is an easy way to bring a bit of gothic and fantasy style to your home or office. Hand painted weathering lends an antique touch.

Chimera Door Knocker

Item # CC10300
Your house will be the favorite on the block during Halloween night with this creative door knocker announcing trick-or-treaters. The Chimera Door Knocker features the fanged head of an animalistic chimera with a ring in its mouth.

Doomed Gargoyle Wall Plaque

Item # OL-F7117
Unbeknownst to the climber, it is the beast that has the upper hand. The Doomed Gargoyle Wall Plaque presents an intriguing fantasy scene for your home or garden decor, with a short Renaissance style wall shelf serving as its base.

Fanged Gargoyle Thermometer

Item # CC10937
A good thermometer is a home accent that you may not realize you need, but it is a must-have for planning out your day. Make sure your thermostat fits into the classical Gothic motif of your home with the Fanged Gargoyle Thermometer.

Gargoyle and Shell Fountain

Item # OL-FS69518
Turn your garden into a medieval courtyard with the Gargoyle and Shell Fountain. This gothic sculpture fountain features a beastly gargoyle perched on top of a wide shell basin, a stream of water flowing from its toothy grin.

Gargoyle Bird Feeder

Item # OL-AK121
Whether this gargoyle is protective or predatory is for you to decide! The Gargoyle Birdfeeder is a fun way to give the birds around your home a place to land and snack, featuring an attentive gargoyle statue accent perched on top.

Gargoyle Bookend Set

Item # CC8293
The Gargoyle Bookend Set would look great on any bookshelf in your home or office. These bookends feature a dragon on each end piece. One has his head down, the other has his head up and mouth open. These are made of cold cast resin.

Gargoyle Bottle Holder

Item # CC9612
Used as guardians against evil spirits, gargoyles often take the form of some grotesque creature or animal. The Gargoyle Bottle Holder appears as a chimera with bat-like wings, a lionesque head, and the tail of a dragon.
$41.00 $36.90

Gargoyle Door Knocker

Item # CC10299
Pretend that your front door is the entrance to a large, spooky mansion when you make this door knocker a part of your decor. The Gargoyle Door Knocker features the wrinkled face of a chimera with a ring hanging from its mouth.
$20.00 $18.00

Gargoyle Horror Ornament

Item # HO-GRGL
Straight from a gothic church to your tree, it is a good thing that this grotesque gargoyle is made out of stone. Otherwise, the Gargoyle Horror Ornament would be ready to pounce. Better watch out when the sun goes down.