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Dragon Globes

Have you ever shaken a dragon? It sounds like it would be quite the mistake to make, and yet, when it comes to these dragon globes, it is not. In fact, these fantasy dragon water globes are meant to be shaken! Our dragon snow globes all possess an impressive level of detail that renders each one a great display item to include in your decor. The styles of our dragon water globes can vary from one to the other, as some feature dragons contained within the globe while others depict dragons outside the globe and gazing within, either admiring what is inside or gloating over somehow trapping the occupants of the globe. Given the association of dragons with medieval fantasy, many of our dragon globes also feature things like castle, treasure, and even wizards! So the next time you get the urge to add a new dragon decoration to your home decor, why not make it one of our dragon globes? Not only are they great to look at, but they are also somewhat interactive. Plus, how often can you say that you get the chance to shake a dragon up daily?
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Blue Dragon on Castle LED Snow Tube

Item # 05-71847
Perched on the remains of his conquest, this blue and purple dragon roars defensively at any who approach. The Blue Dragon on Castle LED Snow Tube depicts this dragon in high detail atop a glowing tube filled with spinning glitter.

Blue Dragon on Castle Snow Globe

Item # 05-71503
A new king has ascended to the throne and will rule with fire in the Blue Dragon on Castle Snow Globe. Hail the new king and be thankful that it will only complement your homes current theme instead of incinerating it.

Blue Dragon with Dragon Snow Globe

Item # 05-71554
A masterful fantasy collectible for dragon lovers, the Blue Dragon with Dragon Snow Globe features a sculpted dragon perched above a glass ball with another dragon inside of it, all standing on a base with intricate knotwork detailing.

Castle Dragon Storm Ball Statue

Item # CC11564
Perched upon its mysterious treasure, the dragon opens its jaw in a snarl towards all who gaze on it. The Castle Dragon Storm Ball Statue depicts this scene in high quality polyresin with stunning, hand painted detail.

Celtic Fire Dragon Snow Globe

Item # 05-28071
Reptilian eyes glint in annoyance. The ferocious dragon glares upon the fool who interrupted its restful slumber. The fiery red beast perched within the Celtic Fire Dragon Snow Globe does not tolerate intruders.

Celtic Ice Dragon Snow Globe

Item # 05-28070
The dragon maintains the motionless stance of a sentinel. Its stern gaze settles on those who dare encroach upon its territory. Admire the serious devotion of the guardian dragon enclosed within the Celtic Ice Dragon Snow Globe.

Dragon Treasure Water Globe

Item # SC7983
Dragons are notorious for greed. Like ravens, dragons hoard shiny things, often possessing untold riches piled up into treasure caves. And this Dragon Treasure Water Globe depicts one valuable dragon hoard.

Fiery Dragon Storm Ball Statue

Item # CC11288
A magical orb can help you see into your future, but only those who are willing to reach into the jaws of a mighty dragon may see it! Add a striking look of fantasy and mysticism to your decor with this Fiery Dragon Storm Ball Statue.

Frost Dragon Storm Ball Statue

Item # CC11289
Even in the dead of winter, dragons will lurk in the frosty caves of fantasy realms as they wait for treasure hunters to come their way. This Frost Dragon Storm Ball Statue is a stunning home decor piece for any fan of ice dragons.

Green Dragon on Castle Snow Globe

Item # 05-71505
Fans of medieval fantasy will appreciate the elegance of the Green Dragon on Castle Snow Globe. This item will captivate your imagination while enhancing the look and feel of your homes current decor situation.

Green Dragon Snow Globe

Item # 05-71780
The green dragon that is featured in the Green Dragon Snow Globe can be seen ardently watching over her recently hatched baby, which sits below her in a stone nest. Fragments of its egg shell still fall off its young, scaled body.

Guardian Dragon Sandstorm Ball

Item # CC9735
Dragons are normally very impressive creatures, yet this Guardian Dragon Sandstorm Ball takes the design to a new level by adding in a wicked looking electronic gizmo that blends movement and color into one stunning visual.