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Illuminate your home in medieval, gothic, or fantasy style with our lamps and lighting options. From mini table lamps and hanging wall lamps to LED dragon statues and fairy reading lamps, we offer a wide variety of lighting styles here. Shop skeleton and skull lamps to add macabre mood lighting. Our fairy LED lights bring enchanting beauty wherever they decorate. And our many dragon lamps feature light up crystals or LED orbs in their designs, lending a mystical glow to your home decor. Many of our fantasy lamps and LED statues are painted by hand and made of high quality cold cast resin, making them phenomenal collectibles and eye-catching decorations.
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Antiqued Skull LED Lamp

Item # 060-2779
Even gothic homes need the right amount of light to balance their dark decor. With a multitude of wicked bones creating its unique design, the Antiqued Skull LED Lamp is the perfect option for those who seek a macabre home accent.

Batman Logo Night Light

Item # AT-70077NL
Into the murkiest alley and against the darkest halls, the Dark Knight of Gotham shines the light for truth and justice. The fierce wingspan of this bold beacon pierces through the blackest night with the Batman Logo Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Celtic Tree of Life Night Light

Item # CC12426
In Celtic mythology, the tree of life symbolizes harmony with nature and rebirth. What better way, then, to ensure that you have a harmonious sleep and a rejuvenating awakening than with the Celtic Tree of Life Night Light?

Crouching Dragon Wall Lamp

Item # CC11517
With its wings hunched behind it, the stone colored dragon gazes down at passersby, its scaly tail curled around itself and a glowing orb resting upon its back. The Crouching Dragon Wall Lamp displays this scene in striking detail.

Deadpool Logo Night Light

Item # AT-70264NL
A moral line is drawn. The hero selects one path, while the villain chooses other. One odd soul refuses either and goes his own way. The antiheroic path is hazardous, at least shed some light with the Deadpool Logo Night Light.
$10.00 $9.00

Dragon and Dagger Table Lamp

Item # 05-71792
This brightly colored dragon seems to have found a treasure worth defending. This Dragon and Dagger Table Lamp is a beautiful fantasy decor piece that features a dragon clinging onto a dagger with a lamp resting atop the pommel.

Dragon Castle Lamp

Item # CC11691
Show everyone who the true king of your castle is with the Dragon Castle Lamp. Nothing beats the fierceness of a dragon when it comes to fantasy creatures, and the dragon depicted here proves it with incredible detail and style.

Dragon Duo Round Lamp

Item # CCB2328F6
When a dragon is about to breathe fire, its throat glows brightly. Just imagine how well two dragons could light your house. With the Dragon Duo Round Lamp, you can find out without having to worry about the burning flames that come next!

Dragon Egg Lamp

Item # WU-1925
Before it hatches, a dragons egg glows from the inside with the fires of the beast within. In the meantime, though, that glow makes for a pretty nifty lamp. With the Dragon Egg Lamp, you can utilize this magic glow to light your home.

Dragon Orb Table Lamp

Item # CC10913
Embrace the timeless style of medieval fantasy in your home with this Dragon Orb Table Lamp. Clutching a glowing orb in its fist, this grinning dragon gazes onward intently as you use the light that emits from his treasured sphere.

Dragon Wall Lamp

Item # CC9939
While many dragons prefer to keep to darkened caverns, the dragon in the Dragon Wall Lamp offers light to all in view. The head of the dragon bears the hook from which the round lamp hangs, creating a striking accent on any wall.

Floral Skull Lamp

Item # SC9168
The combination of flowers and skulls seems to strike a special place in many peoples hearts. Maybe it is the polarity, one symbolizes death and the other life, or maybe it is just how cool the Floral Skull Lamp looks when lit up!