Wizard Jewelry

Appearing throughout mythology, folklore, and fantasy tales, wizards remain some of the most mysterious and powerful characters in all of these stories and legends. Classic wizards, such as Merlin, often appear as a wise, elderly man, usually depicted with a tall, pointed hat, long robes, and a staff. We provide an assortment of wizard jewelry featuring these notable magicians. Check out our wizard necklaces and magical amulets, wizard rings, and other bewitching wizard accessories to accent your look. Many designs show off a magical staff, owl familiar, pentagram, or gemstones as an accent. Take a moment to browse through our selection to find the perfect piece to enchant your imagination!
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Antique Brass Finish Necklace Chain

Item # MCI-5198
This necklace chain is made with an antique brass finish and will perfectly match any of our pendants that come in the antique brass finish. The perfect accessory to get with your new pendant. It has a lobster claw clasp closure.

Gold Finish Necklace Chain

Item # MCI-5196
This necklace chain is made with a gold finish and will perfectly match any of our pendants that come in the gold finish. The perfect accessory to get with your new pendant. It has a lobster claw clasp closure.

MACUSA Seal Necklace Pin

Item # LU-543153
Own a piece of the wizarding world and wear it daily with the MACUSA Seal Necklace Pin. Fans of the Fantastic Beasts series will understand the importance of the mystical object that dangles at the end of this chained pin.

Merlin Dragon Staff Necklace

Item # 090-CS14
Ancient lore boasts Merlins staff as having the ability to bestow Second Sight upon its owner. The Merlin Dragon Staff Necklace depicts this magical staff with legendary dragons used by the sorcerer in a battle against a barbarian king.

Newt Scamander Monogram Necklace Pin

Item # LU-543151
Celebrate the return to the wizarding world of Harry Potter with the right accessory. The Newt Scamander Monogram Necklace Pin is a great accessory for fans who wish to cosplay as the Magizoologist of the Fantastic Beasts series.

Percival Graves Wand Necklace

Item # LU-524623
Percival Graves, Director of Magical Security, wields a wand with a straightforward design modeled after a retro conductors baton. The Percival Graves Wand Necklace lets you wear the wand of this American wizard as a stylish accessory.

Sterling Silver Starry Wizard Pendant

Item # PS-TP3595
A mysterious figure of legend, the Wizard remains a figure of great learning, especially in the magical arts. The Sterling Silver Starry Wizard Pendant displays a classic depiction of this character against a sky of stars.

Sterling Silver Wizard Staff Necklace

Item # JB-155
A wizard staff is a powerful tool, one that is usually considered by many to be the focus of power. With it, a wizard can do great things. Thanks to this Sterling Silver Wizard Staff Necklace, you never have to be without one of your own.
$73.00 $65.70

Tina Goldstein Locket

Item # LU-524620
While the Tina Goldstein Locket may look ordinary, it is only a ruse. Something magical hides within it. Celebrate a new adventure into the wizarding world, or cosplay as the American witch with this functional locket.

Wise Owl Earrings

Item # CC10095
Owls represent wisdom and silent observance, making them creatures of which to take note. The Wise Owl Earrings display the face of an owl as lovely accents, complete with red accent crystals forming its eyes.

Seal of Furfur Necklace

Item # 090-FB03
Inspired by the Goetia and the Lesser Key of Solomon, this Seal of Furfur Necklace reproduces the seal of the demon Furfur, who was said to raise tempests, create lightning, and answer questions about the secret and the divine.