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Scottish & Celtic Clothing

We offer a vast array of Scottish clothing and Celtic clothing perfect for historical reenactments, costume parties, and stage productions. Our Celtic clothing includes Celtic chemises, Celtic skirts, and Celtic bodices for ladies, while our Scottish clothing extends to tartan kilts, Scottish dresses, Highlander shirts, and Scottish doublets. All our Scottish and Celtic apparel is made from fine quality materials that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you are trying to be a Celtic warrior like Boudicca or a Scottish Highlander like William Wallace, we can provide all the historical clothing items to meet your needs. In addition to Ren fairs, Scottish kilts have also begun to grow in popularity in modern culture, especially on holidays like Saint Patricks Day and Saint Stephens Day.
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Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-2357
There are a few basic essentials when it comes to putting together an outfit from any era, be it gothic, medieval, renaissance, or fantasy. Pants tend to be one of them, and these Basic Medieval Pants are virtually universal.

Black and White Scottish Tartan Dress

Item # MCI-510
Befitting a lass from the highlands of old, the Black and White Scottish Tartan Dress is a two-piece ensemble, including both the sleeveless tartan overdress and the long white chemise worn underneath. Ruffles and lacing add detail to this traditional Scottish ensemble.

Black Urban Kilt

Item # ZS-253427
The kilt is a classic piece of Scottish Highland attire, but as important as the garment is the tartan, which can easily identify any as a member of a certain clan. This Black Urban Kilt is a more modern-day piece for any to wear.
$79.00 $71.10

Black Watch Tartan Kilt

Item # ZS-253424
The kilt is a classic piece of Scottish Highland attire, but as important as the garment is the tartan, which can easily identify any as a member of a certain clan. The Black Watch Tartan Kilt features the tartan belonging to its name.
$79.00 $47.40

Brangwine Celtic Dress

Item # DC1448
Attend your next historically themed event dressed as elegant as a goddess when you wear the Brangwine Celtic Dress. Made of ivory linen fabric, this full length Celtic gown features dramatic trumpet sleeves and gorgeous embroidery.

Cailin Scottish Ensemble

Item # MCI-178
The Cailin Scottish Ensemble looks like it came right from Scotland. This two piece dress ensemble includes the white under gown and the green plaid over gown. The over gown is made of a high quality tartan fabric.

Celtic Chemise

Item # 100508
The Celtic Chemise was worn under all medieval ladies clothing. Our well-made chemise has very long sleeves and ties at the shoulders. It is a very special Celtic look that goes well with almost any gown.

Celtic Chemise

Item # DC1045
The Celtic Chemise is made of 100 percent cotton and features bell shaped sleeves and a drawstring at the neck. The Celtic Chemise is designed to be worn as an undergarment with medieval clothing and dresses.

Celtic Chemise

Item # MCI-141
This Celtic Chemise is a beautiful handmade rayon medieval chemise. The Celtic Chemise has a generous length of drawstring at the neckline with full, long sleeves. The Celtic Chemise is worn under gowns and skirts, like a medieval slip.

Celtic Decorated Chemise

Item # DC1081
Our Celtic Decorated Chemise is made of 100 percent Cotton. The Chemise has a beautiful lace that runs along the sleeves. The Celtic chemise has elastic around the neck to give the option to wear on or off the shoulder.

Celtic Decorated Chemise

Item # SS-CELT
Made of cotton muslin and machine washable, this chemise with a drawstring neckline has full, long sleeves with metallic trim sewn down them. This chemise is only thigh-length, making it a great option for hot summer days!

Celtic Dress

The women of the Rhine-Danube Valley wore this simple dress over a lein or chemise, creating a style that remains appealing even to this day. The Celtic Dress is a dress that can be worn with chemises and skirts to great effect.