Mens Steampunk Vests

Nothing adds more charm to your Neo-Victorian ensemble than one of our mens steampunk vests or steampunk waistcoats. A Victorian gentlemens vest, like one of our elegant brocade vests, suits a steampunk duke or nobleman ensemble perfectly. We also offer mens shaper vests that help to create the ideal shoulder-to-hip ratio with their structured fit. Our collection of striped steampunk waistcoats, leather vests, and striking engineer vests offer practical style to mens alternative history looks. Made from a variety of fine materials, these formal vests go well with accessories like pocket watches and steampunk cravats. We provide our Victorian waistcoats and steampunk vests in a range of sizes to allow you to find one that fits well. Peruse our selection of high quality mens vests to find the perfect one for your steampunk cosplay.
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Airship Flying Vest

Item # 101325
This Airship Flying Vest is made of faux leather that has a two-tone color scheme. The vest has a zip-up front, high Nehru collar, and a stylish bib front. The bib is held in place by ten antique brass clockwork buttons.

Aristocrat Vest

Item # DC1340
In a design which is fit for an English prince or wealthy Victorian age trader, the Aristocrat Vest is exceptionally well-made and employs a 19th century styling to help you achieve the appearance of a dapper gentleman.

Baker Street Suede Vest

Item # DC1337
In a design inspired by military style waistcoats, the Baker Street Suede Vest is a spectacular way to exude your passion for 19th century fashion and the steampunk genre which heavily favors this elegant styling.

Baker Street Vest

Item # 101508
Inspired after the Victorian fashions that might be seen strolling down a certain street in merry old London, this Baker Street Vest is the perfect picture of casual comfort for a gentleman that wants to look their best, at all times.

Balloon Double-Breasted Waistcoat

Item # PH-1166
The Balloon Double-Breasted Waistcoat offers a piece of fun vintage apparel to add to your steampunk gentlemen attire. This charming mens vest displays a print of colorful hot air balloons across its front.

Black Double-Breasted Cavalier Vest

Item # DC1286
An exquisite piece of Victorian era which features a magnificent double-breasted design, the Black Double-Breasted Cavalier Vest is perfect for achieving a refined gentlemanly look and pairs superbly well with a frock coat.

Black Suede Lafayette Vest

Item # DC1335
A marvelous garment for the discerning steampunk fan who wishes to achieve the look of a relaxed yet dapper 19th century gentleman, the Black Suede Lafayette Vest brings suede and satin together in an eye-catching design.

Brocade Clockwork Vest

Item # DC1325
Delightfully designed in homage to the exquisite styling of the Victorian era, the Brocade Clockwork Vest is a magnificent addition to the wardrobe of anyone who enjoys this classic fashion or the retro-futuristic genre of steampunk.

Brown Brocade Shaper Vest

Item # DR-1358
This Brown Brocade Shaper Vest adds a touch of polish and sophistication to any Steampunk or Gothic ensemble. It works equally well for a formal night out. With back lacing and a concealed busk, it can also improve your silhouette.

Brown Cotton Clasp Shaper Vest

Item # DR-1354
The warm brown fabric and brass-colored clasps of this slimming vest will enhance any Steampunk or Victorian ensemble. You will find yourself reaching for this Brown Cotton Clasp Shaper Vest again and again, due to its versatility.

Brummel Double-Breasted Vest

Item # DC1339
Wonderfully capturing the sheer elegance of Victorian era fashion, the Brummel Double-Breasted Vest features a beautiful pattern of swirling muted green, black, and white bands in a sophisticated double-breasted design.

Double-Breasted Brocade Vest

Item # DC1283
Emulating the exquisite styling of Victorian period fashion, the Double-Breasted Brocade Vest is an exceptional addition to the wardrobe of anyone who enjoys the steampunk genre or desires to appear as a 19th century gentleman.