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Dress your best at your next historical reenactment with the wide variety of products offered by Get Dressed For Battle. We carry a range of their quality medieval reenactment supplies, including excellent chainmail, steel plate armour, battle ready helmets, medieval clothing, arming wear, and replica weapons. The chainmail shirts, mail coifs, mail voiders, and other fine pieces come in various grades of steel as well as titanium, allowing you to find the right item for your needs. The medieval shoes, period shirts, cloaks, and other pieces of medieval apparel ensure that anyone can outfit themselves in style. Also, do not just dress the part - make sure you have all the proper accessories with the selection of bucklers, spearheads, axe heads, replica daggers, leather pouches, and medieval dishes you can find here. Peruse the selection available here, and you will see a great variety of quality reenactment products.

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11th Century Norman Shoes

Item # GB1139
These side-laced shoes, while specific to the Norman period, will complement a wide range of medieval re-enactors costumes. Our 11th Century Norman Shoes are crafted by cobblers, using the same techniques as their medieval counterparts.

12th Century Crusader Dagger

Item # SB3962
The 12th century included the Second and Third Crusades into the Holy Land, including some noteworthy battles involving Saladin. The 12th Century Crusader Dagger depicts one of the typical secondary weapons of that period.

14th Century Dagger

Item # SB3963
Daggers serve as secondary or tertiary weapons, differing from knives with their expert ability to stab and thrust. The 14th Century Dagger makes a stylish example of a functional, historical dagger.

15th Century European Cuirass

Item # AB0015
The armor of choice when it came to the 15th century soldier was a marked improvement from earlier eras. After all, this 15th Century European Cuirass certainly looks like effective armor, one that would afford a great deal of defense.

15th Century Leather Gorget

Item # AB0093
Our 15th Century Leather Gorget is crafted from hard leather with a sueded leather liner for comfort and 2-buckle fastening. This gorget provides solid neck protection that is adjustable.

15th Century Pants

Item # GB3134
These 15th Century Pants have a drop front opening with leather ties for closure. These pants are authentic to the Medieval Era and are made of wool. Our 15th Century Pants come in sizes Large to XX-Large and come in Natural or Brown.

15th Century Soldiers Pouch

Item # OB0616
This all-leather 15th century soldiers pouch will complement the outfits of re-enactors and role-players, as well as providing carrying space. This particular bag is crafted in roughout leather, with a belt loop and a buckle closure.

48 Inch Full Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk

Item # AB2489
In the early era of the middle ages, the hauberk was the armor of choice when it came to any warrior heading into battle. This 48 Inch Full Sleeve Chainmail Hauberk is a recreation of this armor that protects as well as its ancestor did.

48 Inch Half Sleeve Chainmail Haubergeon

Item # AB2466
When it comes to protecting yourself in the years of the medieval era, nothing compares to a good suit of mail armor. This 48 Inch Half Sleeve Chainmail Haubergeon is definitely a good suit of mail, one that you can trust your safety to.

48 Inch Mercenary Grade Mail Haubergeon

Item # AB2776
Notable for its shorter sleeves and length, the haubergeon, or Little Hauberk, was often worn under a plated hauberk in the 14th century. The 48 Inch Mercenary Grade Mail Haubergeon offers great coverage and protection.

48 Inch Mercenary Grade Mail Hauberk

Item # AB2774
Differing from the shorted haubergeon, a hauberk features full sleeves and knee-length protection. The 48 Inch Mercenary Grade Mail Hauberk protects its wearer while still allowing the range of motion needed for battle.

48 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Haubergeon

Item # AB2777
A chainmail shirt with shorter sleeves, or haubergeon, was often worn underneath a plate hauberk in the 14th century. The 48 Inch Soldier Grade Mail Haubergeon offers great protection for your torso and shoulders.